Saturday, September 5, 2009

Selamat Hari Raya

How time flies...!!!Hari Raya is just a few days away.!!..Of course all of us would be sad as this holy month is coming to an end. Well, Hari Raya marks the end of the fasting month and we are now approaching the Islamic month of Syawal. "Hari Raya'' literally means "Day Of Celebration". It is the biggest holiday in Malaysia and the most awaited one. As usual, shopping malls and bazaars are filled with people days ahead of Hari Raya, causing a distinctive festive atmosphere throughout the country. I did my Hari raya shopping with my sisters last weekend. It was a fun day out..we rarely get the opportunity to go shopping together as we are living far apart. I managed to buy my children's traditional Hari Raya outfit at 'Dang Anum', my favourite boutique in Shah Alam.

'Baju Kurung' for my only daughter

Every year, during Ramadan I will be selling homemade cookies and Sarawak Layer cake. I don't really know how to make good cookies or bake cakes. Believe it or not..the last time I made cookies was 20 years ago! The homemade cookies that I am selling are made by a friend in Kota Bharu and the Sarawak layer cakes are made by a friend who owns a bakery in Kuala Lumpur. I love doing this business mainly because of my passion for cakes and cookies and of course I love to eat them as well.. Below are the pictures of the handmade cookies and Sarawak layer cakes that I sell. They are ready to be delivered to those who ordered. My friend made 20 different types of cookies every year. She herself designed the cookies and every year , I would be so excited to see the new designs that she came up with.

Chocolate Almond London ready to be delivered..

Sarawak layer cakes from Randau Cafe

'Selamat Hari Raya' (Happy Eids) I wish to all Muslims and 'Maaf Zahir dan Batin' (forgive my physical and emotional wrongdoings). Remember, Eid Ul Fitr is not only for celebrations but also the time for Muslim to cleanse their sins and strengthen their ties with relatives and friends. Hope this Hari Raya would be the most wonderful one to all of you!

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