Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Handmade Father's Day Card

Express your love and gratitude towards your daddy by making your own handmade card..

Making handmade cards help our children to be more creative and expressive. Children have a lot of ideas. Their expression on a card can be amusing and touching...

Well, I helped my children make the Father's Day card recently and it is so simple and easy.
What you need :
1) Color paper
2) Glue
3) Scissor

How to do it :-

1) Make circle shapes of various sizes on color papers
2) Cut out the circles
3) Write 'Happy Father's Day' on color papers. Make it colorful (each
alphabet should be of different color)
4) Cut out the wordings
5) Paste the circle shapes on a piece of color paper. Arrange it as you like.
6) Finally paste the wordings-"Happy Father's Day" and your card is

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