Sunday, June 21, 2009

How To Manage Anger

This picture was taken a few days ago at the Batu Burok Beach -the ever popular beach in town. Yesterday was such a bad day..Creating this postcard just now had helped me to deal with my anger towards 'someone'. Well, we know very well that we don't always agree with others on, disagreements happen and arguments ensue, just as storms suddenly blow up in
Next, we always have a problem calming down after one of these hurricanes...Well the anger should not continue...Try to find ways to deal with it...I always my make myself occupied to burn off the anger. I would do something to calm myself down like writing in this blog.Well, you can go for a run, jog in place, punch a pillow or scream into it...!!! Do something to take your mind away from the anger. Listen to soothing music, read a joke book, work on a hobby....Do whatever brings you peace of mind!!! Get rid of the anger...Live Well, Love Much, Laugh Often! That's my style.

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