Thursday, July 23, 2009

Salak The Snake Fruit

Salak fruit has always been my favourite fruit. I love the taste - it's sweet and acidic. Salak fruit is also known as Snake Fruit due to it's reddish brown scaly skin. About 10 years ago, Salak fruit was not really popular in Malaysia and it was very hard to find it. Those days, the salak fruit that we found in the markets were imported from our neighbouring country, Indonesia. However, nowadays it can be found everywhere in Malaysia .

The salak tree in the pictures was planted by my father in law just behind his house. If I feel like eating Salak fruit I can just pluck it from the trees. I found out that the scientific name for salak fruit is 'Salacca Zalacca'. sounds like my daughter's name, Sarah Zulaikha!. 'Salacca Zalacca' is a species of palm tree and native to Indonesia and Malaysia. The fruit inside consists of three lobes, each containing a large inedible seed which resembles garlic cloves. Just like Durian, Salak fruit looks ugly from the outside but tastes so delicious.

Those who have never taste the fruit should try it!

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