Monday, July 6, 2009

A Visit To A Tea Plantation

My daughter, Sarah in the tea bushes

Houses for the workers in the tea plantation

The tea centre made protruding over the hilltop

A smoke house at the tea valley

The breathtaking view of the Sg. Palas tea plantation

Tea leaves

I can't help but posting more photos. It seems I have more photos to share this time around. Last weekend, I made a trip to Cameron Highland which is about 4 hours drive from my hometown Kuala Terengganu. I love Cameron Highland because of the cool weather. It has been very warm here in Terengganu and I felt that I need a weekend getaway...away from the heat...

Apart from the cool weather, Cameron Highland is also famous for the strawberry farms, rose gardens and vegetable gardens. It is also regarded as 'Green Bowl' of Malaysia as it supplies vegetables such as cabbages, tomatoes, lettuces and green peppers to major cities in Malaysia.
I learnt that 'Cameron Highland' is named after William Cameron, a British colonial government surveyor who discovered the plateau during a mapping expedition in 1885. The British later found out that the cool climate of the hill is an ideal and excellent condition for the cultivation of tea. Since then Cameron Highland has become the home to many tea plantations.

What I love most about Cameron Highland is the spectacular view of the tea plantations. The view is really awesome. I felt that I was somewhere in Europe! It's really cold there and the air is so fresh! I haven't been there for years and when I first arrived, I was stunned to see the newly renovated tea center. It has been transformed into a very unique and modern setting. I love everything about it . At the far end of the tea center is an overhanging platform balcony which was purposely set up and made protruding over the hill top. At the balcony, we can stay in the relaxing atmosphere, sipping tea and enjoy the beautiful view at the same time. Awesome view!

Everything was so good...A perfect weekend getaway.


  1. How was the new road from KT to Simpang Pulai? Good?

  2. Oh it's 4 hours drive only from Trg?? I didn't know that, I thought it's like longer.. 5-6 hours maybe? haha.. It's truly a nice place to visit isn't it ;)


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