Saturday, October 24, 2009

Holiday in Seoul City

This week my post is NOT about Malaysia but I just want to share with you some photos of Seoul, South Korea. Travelling is one of my hobbies and because I am so hooked to KBS World (a Korean TV channel) I decided to make a trip to Seoul so that I can see whatever I have seen on TV for REAL!. Of course, I was also so much influenced by those wonderful Korean movies and dramas where you could see beautiful views and good looking actors and actresses.

Malaysians do not only like to watch Korean movies and dramas, we also like to wear Korean Silk and Korean made accessories especially brooches. So, I thought why not get all these stuffs in Korea itself and that was why I decided to travel to Korea.My holiday was a 'shopping trip' so I went there specifically for shopping! It was very unfortunate for me because I did not get to see the romantic setting of the ever popular Korean hit drama 'Winter Sonata' in Nami Island.

With the maps and information we got from Internet plus the English spoken receptionist at the hotel we stayed in, travelling to Seoul was so convenient. I did found a store selling Korean Silk and lots and lots of brooches!!! If you want to go for shopping you should stay in Dongdaemun area which is one of the largest shopping districts in the world! Taxis are easily available and we can use the subway to get to other places. Other recommended shopping areas are Itaewon, Namdaemun, Myeongdong (for expensive and branded stuffs) and also Insadong (for crafts and souvenirs).

On the whole, the trip was I think one of the best and Korea is indeed a very interesting place to visit. I am planning another trip to Seoul next year to watch cherry blossom!

Seoul has busy streets with mostly HYUNDAI and KIA cars

These are actually designs on T-shirts...

You can get loads of wonderful souvenirs and lots and lots of pretty hand fans...

Shop shop...till you drop..
A shop in Itaewon and Myeongdong shopping area, the liveliest place in Seoul. All the bags, accessories and shoes in Korea are beautiful!!

Lots and lots of souveniours in Insadong, district of Seoul's art supplies or art products. My kind of place!

Excellent drainage system!

Me...walking down the street somewhere in Dongdaemun area which has 30 shopping centres and 30,000 stores ! You can shop around this area for 24 hours .

Cherry Blossom In Seoul


  1. Mode,
    Bestnya dapat gi jalan-jalan kat oversea! Mahal tak trip ke sana? Apsal gambao ko sorang je ada? Ko pegi sorang ke?

  2. Hai tieka.. bestnyaa kalau i dapat pi korea juga.. nak jumpa hero & heroin winter sonata laa..hehehe.. brapa malam u kat sana?

  3. teika,
    kat sana tu senang x nk dapat makanan halal ek? u try x makan kimchi? ngeee... i terliur kalo tgk diorg mkn dlm ceta/drama korea tu.. hehehhe..
    (psstt... nk ikut p korea... bole? ) ;P

  4. Salam..
    Sukanya br tgk gambar2nya..
    Kalau betul2 ke sana..mesti lagiiii happeninggg!
    Baguslah..jauh perjalanan luas pemandangannya..:)

  5. To Mas- We can get halal food in Itaewon Area. I went to a Pakistani restaurant n the nasi brayini is so delicious n its the best ive ever had. BTW, i was so busy shopping, we never really think about food or eating.

    Ive tried kimchi in the flight n its so good! I think it tastes like asam pedas..luv it..

  6. kalo sumi kat sana kompem2 jelah kejenye.. :)

  7. I like your blog , It is very bright and colorful..^_^

  8. Pn Kartini : Korea mmg best sgt2..nice country....the people are so friendly...

    Aisumichan : Yeah sumi, the shopping complexes berbelas2 tingkat. Just imagine..

    Syuan Lin : Thanx. I luv bright colours n colourful things..


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