Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Happy Holidays!

Chinese New Year is only a few days away. I think most of us are in that holiday mood already... At work, we are getting more and more tangerines and these few days I've been eating so much of them sampai sakit tekak! Just can't resist those free juicy tangerines!

Well, recently, I decided to redeem some birthday vouchers I got from SSF Home Decor. I was not aware that those vouchers are only valid until March. So, cepat2lah I pegi SSF in KB to redeem the vouchers. Kalau tak redeem rasa rugi pulak. Since Chinese New Year is just around the corner, I found that there a lot of CNY home decoration items/accessories on sales just outside the store. Most of the things are of bright colours-red, gold and orange. Meriahnya suasana.

There are a lot of artificial flowers especially the plum blossoms. I asked a Chinese friend kenapa plum blossoms but not other flowers? Why not tulip or roses ke? I was then told that plum blossom actually symbolizes courage and hope in Chinese culture. What is unique about plum blossom is that it is the only flower which blooms during peak winter so it becomes the symbol of survival. All this while, tak tau pun.. Coincidently, just this afternoon, I saw some photos of the real plum blossom at Mami's blog. Mami is a blogger friend from Japan. What you see in her blog, is the real plum blossom in Japan.

Fish symbolizes long life and good fortune

Red colour stands for 'good luck' and 'prosperity'

Some lovely baskets . Bakul2 pun orange and red

Colorful ribbons and decorations

That day, I took home table mats, table flowers and some cookie jars. Membeli macamlah kita pulak yg nak raya!

To those who are celebrating CNY, I wish you all "Happy Chinese New Year "- "Gong Xi Fa Chai!". May the new year brings you Good Luck, Good Fortune and Good Times. To others who are not celebrating CNY, I wish you all 'Happy Holidays'. I am sure most of you have planned your holidays, right?? So, have a wonderful holiday everyone and take care!


  1. i like those cookies jar very much..:)

  2. Happy Chinese New Year Celebrations!

    I've been to Malaysia,but never seen the celebrats.
    How colourful!! those fishes are pretty.And how decolate those colourful ribbons?

  3. yeayy... i love the 1malaysia spirit...
    and i think holiday this time ramai yang akan sambung cuti sampai ke minggu depan... i dok kira tadi... more than a week jugak kan.. hehe

  4. There isn't much flower selections in my city to choose from for Chinese New Year. I haven't seen any plum or cherry blossoms, only tangerine and kumquat mini trees. I think having flowers make the home more festive and alive for new year. Only a couple more days.. :)

    Gong xi fai cai!!

  5. i balik kg hubby dear - jumpa u kat pantai batang buruk?:)

  6. comelnya cookie jar tu..suka :)

  7. admire gambar-gambar yg u amik.
    kalau kita besanding, eh salah,
    kalau kita bertanding, mesti i kalah.
    u ada berguru ke?

  8. Hello, I found you from Mami's blog!
    I like that the plum blossom represents courage and hope! Such a beautiful flower (even the imitation ones you photographed).
    Happy New Year to you :-)
    Cheers, Karen

  9. Happy New Year!
    I love all the bright colours you have over there and the cookie jars are really pretty.

  10. Mizara and Zarin : Tq, kira oklah my choice kan?

  11. Mami : Tq mami. I'm sorry..I don't really know how to decorate using those ribbons.

  12. Ermayum : Contact my no. OK. Bolehlah kita jumpa..

  13. Che'puan idot- tqlah dear. I bukan saje berguru tapi bertapa di gunung daik baercabang tiga!. Actually, x pnah pun belajar. Kalau belajar my pictures would definitely be better kot!My students inspire me. Some of them are very talented so I joined dorang minat photography ni.

  14. Karen- Thank you very much for dropping by at my blog and for following. Plum blossom is a very beautiful and unique flower indeed. I love oriental flowers so much..

  15. Susie's country cottage- Thanks Susie. It's the festive fever here and everything is bright!

  16. Lady Of Leisure - I cuti seminggu..Most schools memang cuti seminggu.

  17. Nice new layout :) I like..great pix as usual dear. Make me feel so lucky to be a Malaysian. Perfect place to live in with all our imperfections. Thank you for sharing.

  18. Thank you Umihoney. I decided to have a simple layout this time around. Tak berserabut!


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