Thursday, April 15, 2010

Skin Food

Food For The Skin

There are many cosmetic products in the market, today and I noticed that Koreans cosmetic products have started to gain recognition in our country. Some popular Korean cosmetic products in Malaysia are Skin Food, Etude House and The Face Shop. Skin Food for example, is one of the fastest growing cosmetic brands in the Korean skin care market and it is very popular in Malaysia as well.

Frankly speaking, I am not so much of a person who really takes care of my skin. Pemalas sikit! I also never really stick to only one cosmetic product. Fortunately, I don't have any problem with my skin. Pakai apa2 pun boleh..semua sama je.. I really have no idea what's the best cosmetic product in the market..

Well back to Skin Food...The appealing factor of Skin Food is the use of natural food such as fruits and vegetables as ingredients in their products. Definitely it's one of the reasons why the product is so popular especially in Asian countries. The food base cosmetic products range from makeup, skin care, body and hair products for women, men and baby.
I first entered a Skin Food store during my trip to Seoul about 2 years ago. I was walking somewhere at Dongdaemun shopping area in Seoul when I saw a cosmetic store which looks so familiar to me. Then I noticed that it's 'Skin Food' which can be found in some popular shopping complexes in Malaysia. Masa tu lah baru teringin nak masuk Skin Food nih. Since it was my first time at the store, I was really amazed by the many products with beautiful packaging on the shelves... With reasonable price, lovely paper bags and wonderful freebies, I walked out of the store smiling and satisfied.

Some of Skin Food products...

Coffe Creamy Colorfit ShadowTomato Whitening Cream Ginger Toner For Men Banana Concealer
Pineapple Hand Cream

Goat Milk andLavender Baby Oil

When I returned to Malaysia, I decided to have a peek at a Skin Food store in Malaysia and I did compare the prices as well. To my surprise, the prices of Skin Food products in Malaysia are almost triple the prices in Seoul. Menyesal tak beli banyak2 kat sana and in Korea they give a lot of freebies!!!

Sweet Chocolate Foam

I like the paper bags too..

I have tried some of the products and I think they are quite good. One of my favourite products is the Sweet Chocolate Foam. Macam budak2, I just love the smell of chocolate and the thrill of washing my face with chocolate. It actually smells like chocolate wafer-rasa nak makan! I also love some of the products with fruit ingredients as they have sweet fruity smell.

Well actually, we don't have to fork out for expensive creams that have natural ingredients and extracts for skin care... You've got ingredients in your kitchen that will help you to keep your skin glowing and healthy. You can come out with your own home-made face mask from tomatoes or cucumbers. There's always the Do-It Yourself solutionkan. Kalau rajinlah .. As for me, sangatlah tak rajin nak buat tu semua..


  1. I like the idea of skin food!! I haven't seen it in Australia yet - maybe I can get this in China when I'm there soon!! I will keep my eyes open :-)

  2. how about elianto tu pun korean kan -
    harga kat malaysia standard laaa - dgn tax and all heheh macam body shop kat uk or revlon kat us - tepi jalan ja :)

  3. marvellous Seoul for having that great shop selling those 'delicious' skin food ! alhamdulillah la my skin tak byk problem,so mmg xrajinla nak belai2 sgt..heee~

    thanx 4 sharing diz ya sista ! :)

  4. The Skin Food products look really interesting. I can imagine they smell good enough to eat!!

  5. Salam dear..:):)
    Utk kulit yang sensitif ni memang susah skit nak tukar2 product kosmetik..!!aduhaii..:):)
    Tak berani nak cuba..!:)
    Tapi menarik jg yaa skin food products ni..:):)

  6. Interesting post!! I've never tried skin food cosmetics but tomato soap maybe chocolate soap!

  7. Karen- there are quite a number of skin food stores in China!. Do keep your eyes open...You really should try it.

  8. Ermayum- Yap, Elianto Korea jugak but the factory is in Malaysia. That's why it's cheaper.

  9. Ummihanie- You are welcome.Untungkan kulit tak bermasalah..tak payah susah2 nak belai2 sgt.

  10. Susie's Country Cottage- Yes, they do smell good enough to eat!!!

  11. Pn. Kartini- Ye lah kalau kulit sensitif kena hati2. Tak semua produk sesuai ngan kulit kita. Kalau tak kena, tak pasal2 bertambah2 teruk kulit muka.

  12. Mami- I am not sure whether you can find skin food in Japan but in Singapore-yes!.

  13. Kita pun pakai barang Korea,..Elianto..nampaknya sessuai ngan muka kita..

    sebelum dah try pakai mcm2 produk,..bukannya elok,..bertambah teruk lagi ada la..

    so..lepas ni nak try produk Simply Siti pulak,..katanya dari Korea gak..

  14. Azmiezas-Ye la Elianto tu pun Korean product tapi kilang kat m'sia. Ramai org suka Elianto tuh. SimplySiti pun produk Korea jugak.

  15. The philosophy for Skin Food sounds organic which is gaining popularity everywhere. Unfortunately, organic beauty products are expensive compared to chemically processed products. I favor organic products because they don't use chemicals that are also commonly used in housecleaning products which is just gross.

  16. Rosebelle- It's safer to consume organic food and to use organic products but they are certainly very expensive!

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  18. product skin food ni halal x?

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