Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Semangat Nak Lose Weight

Last Friday, I strolled along Batu Burok beach and then went jogging at Batu Burok jogging track - my favourite things to do during my weekend here in KT. It has been months since I went there! Batu Burok beach is only 5 minutes drive from my house but I seldom get the chance to go there due to lots of reasons!! Kalau tak rajinkan diri memang tak sampai situ..Tiba2 je hari tu, rasa semangat nak pegi beriadah/ exercise bila pegi blog workout JOY dan blog KAK AZMIEZAS . I got inspired after reading about them losing weight.

Here are some photos I took at the beach last weekend...Sambil brisk walk and jogging hari tu sambil2 ambik gambar which is also my hobby.

Just love to be at the beach in the morning when the sea is very calm. Sun rises seems to be my favourite time. It's really an amazing peaceful experience being at the beach

saw lots of Beach morning glory on the beach floor..

As it was getting hotter, I went to Batu Burok jogging track nearby

Semangat betul tengok orang beraerobic...

Joined aerobic routine for a while (sebab dah letih) but I was sweating profusely. Seronok jugak..Ramai sgt orang join aerobic kat sini every friday tak kira men or women. Yg dukung baby pun ada..

As the day got got hotter, we left Batu Burok jogging track and headed straight to town to have our breakfast. Lepas exercise terus cari nasi..ish..ish.. I had nasi kerabu ayam bakar at a stall in Ladang. The stall serves the best nasi kerabu in town! It's also one of the reasons why it's very hard for me to lose weight..huhu! That was how I spent my Friday morning here in KT kalau tak balik ke KB or KL.

I would like to inform all of you friends and readers that I'll be away from blogging land for a while. Insyaallah, I'll be back in a month or so. Thanks everyone for visiting PFM and for dropping your comments here. I appreciate it so much.


  1. TK Sensei,
    Boleh tak email kita nombor hp? Ada harapan nak balik kampung tak lama lagi ni.... purrr...meow!

  2. akak nak gi mana? sampai sebulan gitu..

    vote for pic no 2..i suka:)

  3. owh! mana u nak pegi ni? hihi menyibuk plak kan

  4. take care k :)
    have a nice breaktime!

  5. wahhh nasi kerabu ayam bakar...sedapp tu....nak cketttt

  6. Pondok baru kat Batu Burok ke? Lama tak balik KT. Syoknya tgk nasi kerabu ayam tu...

  7. Tk dok dkt Bt Buruk.masa anak pertama dulu, MIL pun dok dkt Batu Buruk. buka tingkap nampak pantai...nyamannnn
    lepas jogging pekena nasi kerabu lengkap dgn ayam bakar...tentu membangkit selera tgh lapar..
    slmt bercuti....

  8. TK,
    Memang seronok aerobik, kan? Tambah kalo beramai-ramai gitu. Hehe!

    Selamat bercuti! :)

  9. chanteknyer gambo pemandangan pantai tewwww.. uhuhu

  10. Dh lama tak pg pantai tu. Masih cantik lagi rupanya..alhamdulillah..

  11. Wonderful photos - the beach looks so peaceful.
    Great that you can just join in the aerobics.
    Food looks delicious - have never seen pale blue rice - amazing!
    Thankyou for being a follower on my blog, sorry havent visited you for a while.
    Lovely blog!
    Gill x

  12. nak g mana sebulan ? nak jogg ke hehehe selamat kurus you :) i hopeless

  13. UGH, I am soooooooooooooo jealous with your jogging track!!! I wish I live near the beach :P
    Love those pictures but arent we shouldn't eat those yummy Carbo after Jogging LOL heheheh but cant blame you, it makes my mouth watering even just to looking at it in the pic.

    So you taking a break from blogging hein , well we all need it I guess, I did it last year too but even now I am unofficially off from blogging thanks to mountain works on my desk YAY!

    Anyway,hope you come back again next month with fresh blog I guess? hehehe many miss you already.
    Enjoy yourself with no blogging and take care! XOXO

  14. saya pun dengan bangganya mengisytiharkan nak kurus. baru beli treadmill. kunun2 wat mini gym kat umah. ngeh3. jangan mini gym jadi mini laundry room sudaaaa...sila beri perhatian. Hahaha

  15. Assalamualaikum TK,

    And I thought of following your footsteps to lose weight..and yet at the end nampak nasi kerabu, lapar lah pulak..hehe..

    Hope you'll have a good month away, safe journey wherever you go..n come back here soonest possible ye.


  16. Enjoy your trip sister! Looking forward to more beautiful pictures! :)

  17. ah!! lawanya gambar..sngt suka..:)

  18. Salam dear TK
    Amazing pictures! Glad TK dah berazam nak stay slim he he..

    Enjoy your one month away from the virtual world, do stay safe :)

  19. kak... terlambat i nak wish..happy teacher's day:))

  20. cantiknya kak..!! nice shot..=D

  21. Dear Kakak TK,

    Where have u been? Lamanyaaaaa menghilang. Rindu nih :p

  22. Cantik n nice shot...

    Salam Kenal ya

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