Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Awards!! For Me and For You!

I would like to thank Mak Isah or Pn. Isah from Miri Sarawak for passing me the Sunshine Award . Many thanks for the recognition and the friendship Mak Isah!!!! Nice knowing you and I am so glad to have you as a blogger friend. I always remember your photo when you were a very young nurse! You were already a nurse when I was not even born!. That’s why I always addressed you as Mak Isah! Hope you don't mind.. and Good Luck with your Cendol business Mak Isah. I know you make good Cendol!

Now I am going to pass this Sunshine Award to other 15 friends from all over the globe! Thank you so much for the friendships people..and you all have been such wonderful blogging friends indeed. They are :

1. Hazila
2. Ayu Hazelnut
3. Nensa Moon
4. Dita

5. Hana of Cat's Notebook
6. Susannah
7. Fatenton
8. I am Amsterdam
9. Honeylanz

1. Put the logo on your blog.
2. Pass the award on to 12 bloggers. (I'm doing 15)
3. Link to the nominees within your post.
4. Let them know they received this award by commenting on their blog.
5. Share the love and the link to the person from whom you received this

The next award is The Most Friendly Blogger Award from UmmiHoney . Thank you very much Ummi for naming me and my blog as The Most Friendly Blog. You too ..UmmiHoney have been such a very friendly and also a caring blogger friend. I always enjoy watching you cooking in the kitchen - in those video clips ! Tu yg special about UmmiHoney tuh! Hope you will be back with more and more wonderful recipes from your kitchen!

Now I am extending the Most Friendly Blog award to other wonderful blogger friends.
They are :

1. Mak Isah

2. CatInSydney

3. Pn.Kartini
4. Ermayum
5. Lady of Leisure
6. Azmiezas
7. Cheqna
8. Zarin
9. UmmiHanie
10. RoseBelle

11. Yat Maria
12. Mami

To all of you my readers and friends, Just want to let you know that this entire blogging community has been such a blessing to my life. Thank you for stopping by friends and thank you for leaving me comments…


  1. Dearest TK
    Mak isah feel v honored and happy you're receiving the Sunshine Award. That is a special award and is for bloggers whose positivity and creativity inspires others in the blogworld. Mak isah hope those you've chosen will continue the link and receive your award! Congratulations My dear :)
    Same here, you're the first blogger whom mak isah feels very very close to, still is and hope our friendship will stay forever :)

    Now...my turn to receive 'The most friendly blogger award' from you :)
    Thanks dear, mak isah promise will hang it up soon! he he..

    hugs xxx

  2. TK...,

    terharunya ambe...TQ TQ..nanti I'll make a posting on it, insyaAllah...but never thot I'm that friendly...catsinsydney n Iamsterdam shld know that I'm a bit reserve...haha..

    btw...i love cendol!..i'd told my nieces recently that if tak de keja, nak balik kmpg jual "cheqna's cendol"..hehehe


  3. SAlam my lovely TK..

    Tq dear..
    sentiasa ingat pada akak yaa..:):)

    Moga TK sekeluarga sentiasa dirahmatiNYa....:):)

  4. I'm happy that you have accepted the Most Friendly Award from me TK dear coz you certainly deserve this award.Gratz. I am equally happy and honoured to receive the Sunshine award from you.Thank you so much.

    On another note I have in the past a bit confused as to whether I was the one you meant when you mentioned UmmiHoney coz my nick is umihoney.This is just to make certain that I am the person meant.All the same with that out of the way I will now hang this wonderful award from you and I think theres one more which I have not collected due to the above mentioned confusion ..itu batu besar ada duduk kepala dalam hahaha

  5. Congrats on both awards, TK! And thanks for the recognition too :) I agree with you, the blogging community is awesome. I learn so much about people from different walks of life.

  6. dpt award..tqvm..nnti ayu buat..;-)

  7. TK, You and your beautiful blogs really deserve those awards!

    Thank you so much for passing the Sunshine award on to me! I am so glad to have met you through our blogs. x

  8. What a wonderful recognition that your fellow bloggers gave to you. I learn a lot about Malaysia from your blog. Keep up the great work!

  9. TQ TK,

    It's my first award!!!! I am honoured that u have passed the Sunshine Award to me. I just hope that my blog will bring sunshine to u as well :)

  10. PS :

    Will try to hang the award as soon as I learn how :)

  11. Congratulations the awards you got!!

    And I am so happy to recieve the award from you!!
    thank you so much for thinking of me!! :)
    I'll put it on my sidebar soon.

  12. Hello! Congrats on your awards!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and the follow :-)
    It's nice to find you too....

  13. Thank you for the Sun shine award Asmah! ^^
    Its my first award and its sure very special for me . Never thought that I will receive it hahah

  14. tq for the award dear... appreciate it..

  15. Thank you my dear! I promise I would blog about all the awards this weekend hehe! Sorry about being so quite lately been really really busy!!!

  16. oh my , TK!
    me baru terperasan ini award..will publish soon ok...

    thnx a lot! :)


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