Friday, May 7, 2010


"Mothers are the flowers in the garden of life"

I would like to wish 'Happy Mother's Day' to all mothers, mothers to-be and mothers to lovely cats too!

Mom's smiles can brighten any moment,
Mom's hugs put joy in all our days,
Mom's love will stay with us forever and touch our lives in precious ways...
The values you've taught,the care you've given,
and the wonderful love you've shown,
have enriched my life
in more ways than I can count.
I Love you Mom!

and finally..Just wanna share with you this joke :

What Famous Mothers Might Have Said

Mona Lisa's Mother: "After all that money your father and I spent on braces, Mona, that's the biggest smile you can give us?"

Barney's Mother: "I realize strained plums are your favorite, Barney, but you're starting to look a little purple."

Humpty Dumpty's Mother: "Humpty, If I've told you once, I've told you a hundred times not to sit on that wall. But would you listen to me? Noooo!"

Columbus' Mother: "I don't care what you've discovered, Christopher. You still could have written!"

Babe Ruth's Mother: "Babe, how many times have I told you -- quit playing ball in the house! That's the third broken window this week!"

Michelangelo's Mother: "Mike, can't you paint on walls like other children? Do you have any idea how hard it is to get that stuff off the ceiling?"

Napoleon's Mother: "All right, Napoleon. If you aren't hiding your report card inside your jacket, then take your hand out of there and prove it!"

Abraham Lincoln's Mother: "Again with the stovepipe hat, Abe? Can't you just wear a baseball cap like the other kids?"

Mary's Mother: "I'm not upset that your lamb followed you to school, Mary, but I would like to know how he got a better grade than you."

Batman's Mother: "It's a nice car, Bruce, but do you realize how much the insurance is going to be?"
Goldilocks' Mother: "I've got a bill here for a busted chair from the Bear family. You know anything about this, Goldie?"

Little Miss Muffet's Mother: "Well, all I've got to say is if you don't get off your tuffet and start cleaning your room, there'll be a lot more spiders around here!"

Albert Einstein's Mother: "But, Albert, it's your senior picture. Can't you do something about your hair? Styling gel, mousse, something...?"

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Have a beautiful weekend and a wonderful Mother's day everyone...


  1. happy mother s day to u...
    i like the joke hehe
    thanks for share...
    have a nice weekend too..

  2. Happy weekend n Happy Mother's day..TK..

  3. happy mother's day to u too and suka baca jokes tu :D

  4. Love this posting on mother and thank u 4 sharing the "jokes"..hehehe..

    Have a good weekend n enjoy d mother's day!


  5. happy mothers day to all mothers including us,sis !

    we r moms too...

    yeah luv reading that jokes especially monalisa's :D

  6. Have a wonderful 'Mother's Day' weekend TK dear :)

    Don't forget to check out my 'Mother's Day Giveaway' winner next Tuesday.
    It is still open and to everyone too, including your friends here!

    Again, Happy Mother's Day :)

  7. I love the mom's quotes.. thanks for sharing them. Have a wonderful Mother's Day too, TK :)

  8. happy mother's day to you too

  9. I like Christopher Columbus mom's quote the best.

    Happy Mother's Day!

  10. Happy Mother's Day !! Love the Monalisa one :)

  11. The beautiful card for mother's day. Happy Mother's day Tk.

  12. Thank you dear friends for all the wishes. Thank you for stopping by. I really appreciate it so much!

  13. Happy mother's day to all mom here, and especialy for you TK...
    I really love 'What Famous Mothers Might Have Said'
    and the quote of Albert Einstein's Mother... very funny ...haha...i read it while imagining Einstein's hair....

  14. Hi, Happy Mother's day to you. Have a great day, stay young, stay beautiful and keep a song in your heart, Lee.

  15. suka jokes tu..btw happy mothers day..;-)

  16. Happy mother day to you !^^
    And also happy mother day to my hamster Jolisha! She is a great mom; love all her babies and very protective hahah am serious really. Thank u for the joke u shared,thats a gud one! very haha!:-D
    I will post Funny Stories later on my blog also dedicated to my one of my blogger friend- betcha not miss it! (already make the page but havent finish typing xixixi I blame it to busy month I had here, thank u.:-P)

  17. I like your famous mother jokes! :-)

  18. What a good jokes :)
    Happy mothers day TK..
    i hope i can be a mother like u one day.. :D

  19. Hugs TK!

    I know you are v busy with work please visit my blog....

    because...I have an Award For You!!

    Appreciates you coming over he he... :)

    Stay safe.


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