Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Cowboy Town In Malaysia

I found out about this place called Eagle Ranch during my trip to Port Dickson recently. Some of you might have been to this place, I guess. Eagle Ranch is actually a themed resort filled with cowboy and western styled buildings. Accomodation at Eagle Ranch is unique and varies from kampung houses, log cabins, paddock chalets, huts and tepee tents. There are also dormitaries with double bunk beds.

Accomodation at ERR- a giant Bandwagon !!!

or you can spend the night at The Red Indians Tepee Tents. Bebudak memang suka duduk dalam tent camtu

The log cabin

What an experience..datang naik kereta -tido dalam bandwagon

Balik bilik naik kuda you..

Ada jugak kampung houses

The swimming pools at ERR

My children enjoyed feeding the rabbit

I snapped photos of flowers at EER

I have not seen this flower for so many years..Nama pun tak tau..

Ni pun tak tau namanya...It was very popular those days when I was small.

At Eagle Ranch Resort you can immerse yourself in a variety of sports and recreational activities such as canoeing, horse riding, jungle trekking, rafting, abseiling , archery and etc or you can simply relax and unwind!

Jom naik ni...


  1. Interesting place, nampak macam best je..i may give it a try one day..dah lama pun tak ke PD..


  2. cantik sangat gambar2 esp those flowers... dalam entry ni ada 3 pics flower kan.. the second one tu if im now mistaken nama dia zinnia... hehe.. i love zinnia, senang nak tanam.. :-)

  3. bestnya nak gggggggg heheh tapi tah bila la tu how the price ye tK

  4. The place looks really welcoming. I'd love to stay in the tents. I wonder how it looks inside. That'll be fun :) The surrounding of water and nature makes the place even more appealing. Very, very nice!

  5. My husband selalu dtg ERR ni for paintball.. i pun selalu berangan kalau dtg sini i've to wear something like cowboy girl with the hat and the boot..hehehe
    btw, ERR ni mmg best..something new for those yang nak berholiday..

  6. Macam best jer tempat tu.. Boleh buat family trip ke sana nanti.

  7. OMG wht an exciting n interesting place !!

    never knew that till i read ur entry sis...

    and as usual..nice nice p;ics !!

    ambik upah tak amik gambar...? ;)

  8. nmpk best.. mcm welcoming sgt kan? teringin lak nak gi:)

  9. wahhhhh seronoknyaaaaaaa.......

  10. Yea what a cool place! I ride a horse once when I was a little, I will love to ride again hahah. Nice pictures also. I like that Red Indians Tepee tents, the pools and the flowers! Owesome!

  11. Salam dear..:)

    lum merasa lagi naik kuda youuu!!aduhaiii..:):)

  12. photo dan narrationnya menarik semenarik tempat ni. sesekali terasa macam majalah 3 punya program.. complete dengan gambar dan narrator yang menarik. tersusun dari mula hingga akhir.

  13. The place looks so nice with the lake and greenery. It's like being at a different period of time. I wish we have something similar here so I can take my kids to enjoy and learn.

  14. cntik sgt gmbar2 ni..

    byk kali dgr review yg best psl tmpt ni, tp lum ksmpatan nk pg..jauh2 leh pg lak..hihi

  15. Cheqna- I kali terakhir pegi PD masa kanak2 riang dulu. Dah berpuluh2 tahun tak ke sana. Kebetulan adik baru pindah sana. Tu yg pegi tuh..

  16. Lady Of Leisure- Oh Zinnia namanya. I suka bunga tuh..Kecik2 dulu ada mak tanam. Skrg jarang nak jumpa.

  17. Ermayum- It's really a nice place. Rege depends on the type of accomodaton u nak. Bandwagon rm172 during weekend n public holidays. Hari biasa 150. Tepee 120-hari biasa 100 only. Bilik yg lain2 lagi murah..

  18. Rosebelle- The tepee tent is actually a modern tent -it's fully airconditioned and there's a TV in each tent.The resort is really my kind of place as I enjoy the beautiful nature around the area

  19. fatenton-Ye la, I noticed ada tempat paintball kat situ. Mmg sesuai pakai ala2 cowboy kat situ. Barulah kene dengan tempat!!

  20. Aisyah- Hi Aisyah! You shud make a trip there. You won't be dissapointed. Anak2 sure suka..

  21. UmmieHanie- Thank you sis for the compliment. I tak ambik upah ambik gambar dik. Akak bukannya pandai sangat. Main tangkap je..

  22. Maya Amir- Mmg ERR ni suasana lain sikit dan sangat menarik. Dekat dah dengan Johor kan?Bolelah plan trip..

  23. Pink Mama- Hi! Memang seronok tempat tu..

  24. Dita- Horse riding sounds very interesting. The teppe tent provides new experience as it cannot be found elsewhere.

  25. Pn Kartini- Bila nak balik Tganu naik kuda kat sini, sis??

  26. Rad- Hi Rad..Thank you for the compliment. Ni yg semangat nak berblogging nih hehe. Kadang2 I am just not in the mood.

  27. Xiao Yen Recipe - Children would definitely love that kind of place where they can get involved in outdoor activities and playing with animals in the farm.

  28. Ayu-Thank You for the compliment. Me too- masa duduk selangor dulu tak pnah pegi PD pun. Tak terfikir pun nak pegi. Bila dah duduk jauh ni boleh pulak sampai sana.

  29. Wow !! nampak cam best je, elok untuk budak2 ni. Banyak aktiviti. I must remember this place, TQ :)

  30. I am amsterdam- Hi! Nice to hear from you again. U r right. It's really a nice place for budak2. Mak budak pun suka jugak..

  31. The eagle ranch resort seems like a nice place! and the tent look interesting indeed. bandwagon tu pun nampak best..the kampung houses pun best!! semua la best. i'll keep this place in mind kalau nak vacation nanti. :-)


  32. Ehhh...menarik la eagle ranch ni...memang tak sangka tempatnyer macam tu..bagus TK buat entry ni...kalau la boleh pegi mesti adam & hannah seronok especially stay dlm rumah yg pelik tu :-D

  33. Drama Mama- Hi! You shud go to EER. It's so near to KL. Seafood pun byk kat PD and murah!!

  34. Eynda- Budak2 memang suka tempat ni especially bila nampak kolam! Byk aktiviti outdoors bole buat kat situ.Farm animals pun byk..bebudak mesti suka.

  35. Foto2-nya kereen sekali TK...
    You really like a profesional photographer.....
    Jadi nak pegi sana aku TK...pengen ngajak anak2-ku...haha...

  36. Nensa Moon- Thank you Nensa for the compliment. Kapan mau ke Malaysia. Dekat banget kok dengan Palembang.

  37. Wow, that look so interesting and a real fun place to stay - great photos too! :-)

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