Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Teacher's Day Presents!

First and foremost, I hope it's not too late for me to wish Happy Teacher's Day to all teachers and to all teacher bloggers- Myza, CM, Sis Tini and Sonata Anak Kancil. They are wonderful teachers I met at bloggingland! My school actually celebrated Teacher's Day last Sunday...

Like Ermayum said in her post about Teacher's Day- It's the tradition that Teachers Day is always associated with the giving of presents to the teachers. Days before Teacher's Day my daughter kept on reminding me about getting the presents for her teachers. Takut sangat mak dia terlupa! Presenting the teachers with gifts during Teacher's Day is a must for most pupils especially the primary school children who would always obey the teachers rather than the parents! My son however kept telling me that he would only give the presents to only two of his favourite teachers ! Teruk betul anak I tu!

So the night before Teacher's day my daughter wrapped all the presents

Some of the goodie bags I got for Teacher's Day

Being a teacher myself, I also got some presents from my students. In school, I only teach two upper six classes -6AK2 and 6AK3. They are the most senior students in the school dan sangat2lah baiknya. I am impressed with my students effort and the preparation to celebrate us, the teachers. Thank you very much to all of you my 6AK2 and 6AK3 students.

We had a small celebration in 6AK3. They bought a beautiful cake for us

Goodie bags and hampers for each one of us form six teachers! They must have spent a lot on this .

They made us 2 huge cards

Inside the goodie bag from my 6AK3 they put an album with the photos of each one of them.

One of the presents inside the goodie bag is the weighing machine !! I always tell my students that I need to lose weight. That's why they gave me that!..

My 6AK2 gave us a photo frame with a photo of the them together with some lovely presents and also a Surah Yasin! .

I love the card from my 6AK2. They wrote in the card :

Pusing Bandar naik bas kayu
Bulat Mate Tengok Awek Lalu

Walau Kami Kene Marah Selalu

Tapi Kami Tetap Luv U

Some of our ex-students came and brought lots and lots of kuih including this Bubble Pudding which is a popular dessert in Terengganu. The pudding is so delicious. Cikgu pun tak tau nak buat ni weh...Cheqna..pandai buat pudding ni tak??.

Presents from the school's administration . Cikgu2 kalau dapat hadiah tupperware memang senyum je..

Thank You to all my students -Thank You so much for all the presents. We appreciate it so much. I love all of you OK! Belajar rajin2 tau for your STPM..


  1. happy teachers day TK!
    seronoknyeee tgk TK dpt presents from ur students.. one of my ambition dulu nak jadi cikgu,tapi tak kesampaian..

    Mesti Tk cikgu kesayangan kan? :)

  2. Eynda sangat teruja tengok cara anak2 murid TK sambut teacher's day....sangat kreatif!! Dulu2 masa study takde terpikir pun nak buat semua tu :-D

    Happy teacher's day :-)

  3. Selamat Hari Guru TK. bestnye..terkenang lak zaman sekolah dulu...cikgu semua baik² la..

  4. Selamat hari guru TK. Mesti terharukan dirai oleh student. TK mesti cikgu yang best kan :-)

  5. TK dear,

    1st of all HApPy TeAcHer's Day..sorry lambat wish bestnye tengok..meghioh...they must have love u so much...mesti "cikgi" baik nih... :-)

    2ndly ~ HAHAHA..when i looked at the photos of puddings tu, teringin nak buat..tengok2 ada mention pulak...ish ish..cabarang ni..hehehe..

    baru je someone told me yest. that it hd been a while since i last made puddings, makan dgn susu cair n fruit cocktails..mmmmm..

    there goes our diet eh...

    but tak pe..u can always monitor ur weight now that u hv that machine..hehe..

    lastly...may u always be happy n blessed dlm menjalankan tugas sebagai pendidik..


  6. hppy teacher's day Cikgu TK!
    huhuu..baru kutau...
    bestnyaaaaaa dpt hadiah byk2 n a little feast from students! :)
    i terlior tgk...ngeee~

  7. Happy Teacher's Day TK!!!

    Wah banyaknya hadiah... It seems to me that your students must have liked you a lot!!

    I always think that teaching is a "mulia" profession. I'm not a teacher and never was, but somehow people always asked whether I was a teacher. Funny huh..

  8. Hey Happy Teacher's Day to you TK!

    wah mcm best nyer...dpt gifts semua tu kan...Jeles ! Jeles! Bila nak ada Baker's Day nih? Hihihihi
    And the cake from ur students tu so chantek...very the classic...They must love you so much cuz am sure, u r such a lovely teacher to best!

  9. happy teacher's day to u... impressed tengok kesungguhan student meraikan teacher's day... may Allah bless them all..

  10. Hi TK!
    I hope I am not too late wishing you 'Happy Teacher's Day' :)
    So you are an upper form 6 nice to know a little bit more about you :)
    What a fantastic and busy day it must have been for you :)

    Congratulations my dear for being such a dedicated teacher!

    Be safe :)

    p/s. Bubble pudding? first time I hear it :) looks delicious!

  11. Teachers play such an important role in the growing development of kids that you, as well other teachers, should be celebrated for your hard work and dedication. The teachers here don't get this much of attention or gifts!! All the heartfelt gifts are so beautiful. LOL! And the scale too. See, your students listen to you well :)

  12. Wonderful, I am glad you got lots of presents! :-)

    As usual I loved seeing your photos!

    I don't think we have Teachers Day in England?

  13. Tk yr students are very sweet - they must love u - mata i pulak berair baca hehehe - I bet i re a great teachers - the one that make the different - and for that I am proud of you heheh - i tak suka cikgu2 yg tak personal ni heheh- buat keje cikgu cam keje biasa heheh

  14. Teaching is a noble proffesion.Respect for you TK.Selamat Hari Guru. Love puddings..lucky you.Thanks for sharing.Lovely pix.

  15. Salam my dear..:):):)

    Seronok nampak sambutannya...
    meriah lak tgk hadiahnya..:):)suka ..:):)
    Pe2 Moga kan jadi guru yang terbaik di kalangan yang terbaik...:):)

  16. TK, masa ni la rasa bestnya jd cikgu kan! tetiba lak rasa rugi tolak masuk maktab dulu...hehehe

  17. Fatenton- Minat jadi cikgu rupanya Fatenton ni... TQ so much for the wish.

  18. Eynda- Zaman kita sekolah dulu lain..tak mcm skrg lebih maju sikit..hehe. I dulu skolah tak bagi cikgu hadiah sangat pun..

  19. Honeylanz- TQVM for the wish. Zaman sekolah mmg tak dapat dilupakan..kenangan terindah!

  20. Nana- TQVM for the wish. I donno whether I cikgu best. Try my very best to jalankan tugas tu je..

  21. Cheqna-TQVM for the wish. Buat jangan tak buat..Sambut cabarang tu..hehe

  22. UmmieHanie- TQ for the wish. Sape2 pun kalau hadiah mmg suka..

  23. I am Amsterdam- You ni mesti ada gaya cikgu. Cikgu kalau kemana2 people bole notice. Dia ada satu gaya satu rupa kot..

  24. LadyOfLeisure- TQ for the wish. Yap..semoga berkat anak2 murid I tu..They are very generous..

  25. Pn. Isah- TQ Pn Isah for the wish. I pun pnah tgok Bubble Pudding kat Tganu je!

  26. RoseBelle- So glad we have Teacher's Day here. Yap, they really listened to me..

  27. Susanah- TQVM. Oh I dont have Teacher's Day in England. It's something that everyone look forward to here..

  28. Ermayum- My students tu mmg baik2. Maybe because dorang dah besar and mature. Pandai hargai orang. Anyway I care for them so much. Kesian sokmo tgok anak2 murid.

  29. UmmiHoney- TQSM dear. I appreciate it so much. Me too love puddings!


  31. Pn Kartini-TQVM. Same 2 u 2..jd cikgu yg terbaik..???Hehehe..

  32. Ohohoho Happy belated teacher day!!!^^
    Lots of presents! Wow! Ur students are great!!!
    I come from teacher family- both of my parents was a teacher and so with some of my aunts and uncles and now two of my brothers are teacher also. Hahah I guess it runs in our family.
    Its gud that theres teacher day coz teacher gives a lot. Celebrating it wont enough to pay the hard work but at least you know WE LOVE TEACHER.^^


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