Thursday, January 7, 2010

Holiday In Bandung Part III

Well, I still have a lot of photos of my trip to Bandung to share with you all. My trip to Bandung last month was more of a food hunting trip or in Indonesian language 'berwisata kuliner'. Bandung is just the right place for food hunting trip as it has a lot of quality halal eateries and bakeries.

My husband is a huge fan of Oriental food and loves Japanese food especially Sushi .We were grateful that it is easy to find halal sushi in Bandung and we did try sushi at two eateries. The first one is called 'Sushi Alley' at Jalan Riau. 'Sushi Alley' is just next to the popular 'Formen' factory outlet. I love the relaxing atmosphere at Sushi Alley where they have the Japanese style low tables with cushions to sit on. Under the tables they have stones for foot reflexology. It was just the right place for me to relax and feed my hungry stomach.

Sushi Alley in Jalan Riau

They have long table and high chairs a'la taverns. Nice wooden chairs..

Mmm..not bad at all .

I am happy as the plate is empty....In Japan, it is considered good manners to empty your dishes to the last grain..

I decided to take away some sushi cause I was still hungry . I especially love fish eggs.

Later that night, we had dinner at a Japanese restaurant which is only a walking distance from our hotel. The restaurant, "Torigen" is at Jalan Setiabudi next to Setiabudi Supermarket. The restaurant owner is a Japanese who has been living in Indonesia for 19 years. As we entered the restaurant, we were greeted by the restaurant owner himself. He handed us a brochure of Fukuoka City, his hometown in Japan. He then told us more about Fukuoka City which is the biggest city in Kyushu Island in Japan.

Some of the souvenirs on display or maybe for sale..

The sushi at Torigen. We asked for Indonesian sweet soy sauce to suit our Malaysian taste bud and the soy sauce is so good.

The bartender is obviously a Japanese. The restaurant is also frequented by the Japanese and Koreans.
At Torigen, I really felt like I was in Japan. It is a really authentic Japanese restaurant with pure taste of Japanese food and also a place for you to learn the Japanese culture. The waiter and waitresses are trained to be very efficient, polite and attentive just like in Japan. It is really a place where satisfaction is guaranteed.

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  1. Best kan pegi Bandung..I blum pernah sampai lagi..uhhu..tak tau bila nak pegi..

  2. best nya melancung and sodap jap food my fav:)

  3. Hi,
    Oh Japanese sushi!!
    have you come to japan?

  4. Azmiezas : Bandung memang best for shopping and makan2. Plan a trip la..Pasti sampai ke sana..

    Ermayum : Suka Japanese food too. Mami, blogger friend yg komen di atas ni orang Jepun.

    Mami : I have never been to Japan but the Japanese food is a trend nowadays. You can get it everywhere. Mami, many people love Japanese food! I wish I could be in Japan during cherry blossom..It's really beautiful..

  5. Sis TK, i just don't know how to enjoy japanese food. Memang sungguh darat kan. Hehehe. But my hubby love them plus he works for japanese and travel always to japan. kalu gi sushi king ke ape ke...nasi goreng + halia jeruk tu je lah menjadi idaman kalbu. keh keh keh.

  6. x daratla..mmg ramai yg x bole trima japanese food. I didnt like it at first but lame2 suke plak.. Anak2 suka makan pulut that's why suka sangat makan sushi..coz it's like mkn pulut kan?.

  7. oh gosh! I miss Japan looking at ur photos..they're good sista!

    I didn't get to explore these restaurants masa kat BAndung last time..wud definitely refer to ur blog entry nih for my next trip. Thanks..Nice meeting u!

  8. Thanks for visiting my blog. Nice meeting you too. Come again next time and meriahkan suasana di bloggingland ni!

  9. nyum2 shushi in Bandung.. good tip! hubby and i pun suka gak makan sushi niiii.. nyumm..

  10. TK,
    Ahhh.. tengok gambo semua sushi nun, terus dalam kepala dok pikir nak buat. Hehe! Making me terliur here!

    * i love fish egg ones too!

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  12. so ... you love japanese food? how did you know that sushi Alley and Torigen are japanese halal food? did you confirm to the owner? did you check the halal certificate from MUI?


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