Thursday, January 14, 2010

Photos Of Children

I enjoy myself so much looking at pictures of children. I must say that I love children so much and enjoy being around cute little children (and love to pinch their cheeks too!). Children are absolutely adorable and are favourite subjects for photography. Photos of children always make me smile and enlighten my heart...

Would love to share with you photos of children by my favourite photographer from Terengganu, Dome from DigitalDome. His photos of children have always touched my them so much!

Children are loved for many them because....

They are so adorable

They are beautiful

They are smart

They are so cute !

They are sweet..

They are innocent

They really know how to have fun !

They remind us of our childhood memories and happy times in the past..

Enjoy more of wonderful photos of children at these links :


  1. what an adorable photo. sejuk mata memandang.

  2. yes children are just adorable to the max- comel2 gambo pandai gak photograhper ni - leh la amek gamba birthday or graduation hehe but jauh nun di tregganu ek :)

  3. Alahai comey2 belaka....tambah2 yg ambik gambar tu pun ada skill....lagi nampak comey...

  4. children, paradise on their face, coolant in their smile. Cute children with beautiful background view makes this post always in my memory.

  5. terima kasih cikgu asmah,2nd entry ni pasal saya.walaupun saya tak kenal dan tak pernah jumpa cikgu tapi cikgu byk support saya.terima kasih cikgu :)

  6. Ala cutenya gambar2 kat atas tu..cantek..n i like it very much..

    thanks for sharing..

  7. they are so cute n adorable.... :)

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  9. Memang comelkan budak2 tu..Alangkahkah bagusnya kalau I bole amek gambar camtu..Terimakasih Dome, you are really a great photographer.


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