Monday, January 4, 2010

Preparing For A Birthday Celebration

My first important event for January and for 2010 is my hubby's birthday which was yesterday. When I woke up yesterday morning, I realized that I still did not have any birthday card for him. My maid told me that my children had come up with their own personalized birthday cards which they hid under the sofa...I felt so guilty because I promised them that we would make the cards together but I went to sleep early....Desperately needing a birthday card, I quickly made one at 5.00 a.m. By 6.00 a.m ( after the cutting and pasting) the card was finally ready and all our cards were given to my hubby just before he went to work. I told my husband that the celebration would be in the evening after he gets back from work. I wanted so much to make it a surprise but I am just the kind of person who doesn't know how to be secretive. Planning a surprise party would be the last thing in my mind, I guess!

Next, the birthday cake... usually I would buy cakes for birthdays as I am such a lazy bump when it comes to baking but my daughter insisted that I make cupcakes. She said she would be very happy if I could let her decorate the cakes herself. In the beginning, I was really reluctant to do it as I only bake once in a blue moon.. Nevertheless, I finally said YES after thinking of my new year resolutions (I promised myself to be a better person, a better wife, a better mother bla..bla...) and of course it helped me save the budget too..

So, we finally made cupcakes with the simplest decoration ( main tabur-tabur je..!) and named it 'sprinkle of love cuppycake'. Everything was actually so easy especially kalau rajin.We really made a mess in the kitchen but it was fun. I promised myself I would make better cakes next time....

Then, it was time for me to prepare the food. My hubby always prefer home cooked food so I prepared nasi dagang which is one of his favourite food. I don't mind cooking at all but not baking please...So, in an hour my nasi dagang was ready! Don't get so impressed.. I did everything with the help of my maid, ok!

Finally, the cakes, the cards, the presents and the food..

It's really unbelievable that I had spent all my time in the kitchen yesterday. The celebration was a very simple one. I am not someone who celebrates birthdays by organising a pool side party or having a romantic outing.. A surprise party would be a good idea though..maybe I'll do it next year...What about you?


  1. mode, idea menarik for my hubby's one next month..surprise birthday party..yeaahh..btw, ur 'sprinkle of love cuppycake' really comel!!

  2. Wow! Thanx for dropping by kak Pau. Org Manchester dah ada blog!!. Can't wait to see your blog kak Pau. I will Follow You!

  3. ohayō gozai masu . anata no tame ni kansha watashi no buroguwo goran kudasai . watashi no yūjō kara saramu, dilabangi。

    wow cupcake yang menarik. Nice angle!
    Happy belated birthday.....

  4. Dila : Hi! Thanx for visiting me. baru betul2 org Jepun. I cuma faham ohayo gozai masu je..Username name je Jepun Jepun sepatah haram pun x tau. BTW, username Teika Kawashi I tu dapat dari quiz nama jepun kat facebook. Kebetulan memang minat jepun, sushi, bento..

  5. Hi,
    thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment.I'm glad you found my blog among number of bloggers.Nice meeting you! I've been to Malaysia 5 or 6 times so far. Your country is so beautiful.

  6. Hi Mami..Nice knowing you too..Do come back again to Malaysia for the 7th time..and make sure you come to Terengganu where I am staying. we have beautiful islands and beatiful beaches here in Terengganu..

  7. wa...lezat bgt tuh kayanya..
    itu bikinan sendiri ya...
    kereeen..i like it.

    thnks ya udah berkunjung. nice 2 know u.

  8. I feel like a party now!!
    Lovely cup cakes


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