Tuesday, March 23, 2010

At The Monument Park...

Taman Tamadun Islam

Taman Tamadun Islam (TTI) is just 15 minutes drive from my house. The monument park which is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Terengganu, features 21 great Islamic monuments that reminisce the rise of Islam into a global religion.

Even though it's very near to my house, I don't really have the time to bring my children to TTI except during the school holidays. Most of my Terengganu friends pun have never been to the park.

At the entrance to TTI, you'll be a given a passport - blue passports are for children and red passports are for adults. Everytime you enter the park, you'll get a stamp on your passport and also some vouchers. The value of the vouchers depends on the number of visits you've made. The entry fee to TTI is RM15 for adults (for first timer) but it was only RM10 for me as it was my second visit. For children it's only RM5 for every visit.

If you don't feel like walking around the park, you can take tramp rides, buggy rides or simply go for bicycle rides. Siapa yang dah lama tak naik basikal tuh..really should go for bicycle rides..bukan slalu bole naik basikal... Bicycle rides are for free during the second visit. As soon as we entered TTI, my children quickly grabbed the bicycles and in a minute they were out of my sight!. I had to scream my lung out nak suruh dorang slow down.. . Mak dia dahlah berat, penat nak kena kejar2 as the park covers a very huge area.

The first stop was at Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin mosque in Brunei. The golden domed mosque was designed by an Italian architect .

I think this is the smallest monument at the park. It's Xian Mosque in China. It was built during the Tang Dynasty by Admiral Haj Cheng Ho.

Baru sampai 2 monuments, my son complained that he was starving. So, we had to turn back and headed towards the cafe which is near the entrance to TTI. Biasalahkan, budak2 especially my boy yang sihat tu- asyik ingat makan je. Nak kene isi tangki dulu baru dia happy... The cafe is nice and clean while the food and beverages are not bad at all. We did get some free meal coupons so oklah..

Next, we went from one monument to another...There are 21 monuments altogether. You also get to watch educational video shows and visit the exhibitions at some of the monuments.

Kubbah As-Sakhrah, Baitul Muqaddis

Pattani Central Mosque which resembles Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal, Agra, India, from afar

Left: Kalyan Minaret, Uzbekistan-made of baked bricks is an example of civil engineering and superior architectural creation

Right : Great Mosque of Samarra, Iraq (just north of Baghdad) which was built entirely of bricks and clay

Abu Nasr Pasra, Afghanistan -dedicated to an eminent theologian, Khwaja Abu Nasr

Top: Suleyman Mosque Turkey -built during the Ottoman empire

Bottom : Great Mosque of Qairawan, Tunisia -the oldest minaret in Tunisia

On the way back, we saw some big, old trees which were left untouched during the construction of the place..macam berada di hutan..As I am a nature lover, memang appreciate sgt suasana hutan ni..

We stopped at the art gallery. My daughter and I tried our hands at Batik. Berangan jadi pelukis Batik jap..

There are some beautiful paintings on display and I fell in love with the banana painting by a local artist. Cantikkan? Such a beautiful painting. Boleh ambik buat goreng pisang??

There are a few gift shops inside and outside the park.

When we left the park, my boy tu complain lapar lagi so we stopped for lunch at the restaurant outside the park. You can also have your meals while enjoying the sea view at the open space just outside the restaurant. Again the food is good.

The famous Crystal mosque

Tak penah lagi try TTI river cruise. Next time aje la.. Dah letih sangat..

Can't believe that we visited 21 monuments in 21 countries in just 2 hours!...My children enjoyed themselves so much. Just nak pesan, tak sesuai datang sini masa panas or in the afternoon..it's really really hot!


  1. nampak menarik sungguh i pun tak sampai lagi heheh balikt tgranu 3,4 kali setahun - on of these days kena balik utk bercuti ja - tak leh cakap balik kg - kalu balik kg balik umah mak jalaaa the idea of cycle around best tuuuuuuu:)

  2. i pun tak pernah sampai sini lagi padahal slalu lalu sini heheh..
    halamak teringat masa tunggu spm dulu i dok sibuk mencanting and color batik hihi..

  3. Wow, that's really nice. You don't have to fly to 21 countries to see all those beautiful mosques :) A place like this is really educational for kids. We have the Academy of Sciences which is 10 minutes from my house. It's the world's first green academy and I haven't even visited it yet. Hmmm...should find to since the weather is nice now.

  4. A lot of thing to be explored there. I never been there but from the photo you have shot, gave the idea about the place. I like the banana painting and you have shot it beautifully. Fascinating Trengganu and thanks to the pro photographer, Teikakawashi.

  5. I pun sama mcm 2,3 org kenkawan kita, yg masih belum sampai lagi kat sini..nampak menarik sangat..

    One day, i mesti nak sampai sini..jugak..

  6. owh kak...

    kami pun dah pegi TTI tp tak buat2 entri lagik..malu pics x bestt .. haha .. tp xper nnti nk wat gak ;) tmpt visiting yg menarik , rite ?

  7. Salam TK
    Great, this is an eye opener for me, you even have the Brunei mosque and the famous Taj Mahal in your town. Your pictures are amazing! Keep up the good work. Your children must have tire you down that day but it was worth it I think, and it made me smile :)

  8. Amazing!! I dint know that we are allowed to enter and see around in Islamic temple. Islamic art is great!! I remeber a lot of mosques in Malasia actually.
    Thank you for guiding

  9. Ermayum- memanglah everytime balik kg tak sempat nak pegi semua tempat. BTW, TTI tu anytime u can go since kg u sini.

  10. Zarin- sure u pandai canting batik. I mmg keras tangan..

  11. Wow what an amazing day out, wish I had come xx

  12. wow... thanks for sharing.... terpegun sungguh,.. cantik ye crystal mosque tu... plus other monuments... yang pic pisang setandan tu i have to agree with u.. mmg cantik, nampak real kan,.

  13. Wow, what an interesting place! It looks like a great place to visit - thanks to you for your lovely photos - I feel I visited there too! :-)

  14. TK,
    which part of terengganu ye?KT ye?
    i tak penah lagi pergi monumen2 ni..
    next month klu sempat bolehlah singgah..
    cantik sungguh..

  15. Rosebelle-U r right-it's a very educational place for children. Hmm..Academy of sciences sounds interesting!

  16. Rad- Thank You for the compliment. Jomlah datang Terengganu. It's a nice place.

  17. Azmiezas- Jomlah datang sini..Best tau!

  18. Ummi Hanie-It's oklah..buat entry nanti tau. Setiap org has different view/different angle of the place

  19. Puan Isah-Thank You. Anak2 biasalahkan..janji dorang happy.

  20. Mami-It's a monument park and those are not the real things so it's allright to visit.

  21. Emma-It's really a very interesting place and we enjoyed ourselves so much

  22. Lady Of Leisure - Crystal mosque mmg cantik. Hari tu x sempat ambik gambar dekat2.

  23. Susannah- U r welcome Susannah. Glad you like the photos

  24. fatentopn- yap kat KT. Datang tau-alang2 dah sampai sini kene pegilah..Rugi x pegi

  25. hehehe dah pegi dah.. my son really loves pretending to be the ultraman alongside the miniatures :P

    again... very nice pics!

  26. ojah- ye lah..yg xian mosque tu it's so small. Mmg children sesuai fantasize being ultraman kat situ..

  27. Bila la nak sampai sana...sudah tentu eynda cari TK nanti ;-)

  28. Eynda- Bila2 dtglah..nak dtg contactlah, k.

  29. Nice place, nice pictures!I wish I can visit it one day. Btw,I like ur new blue sky layout also. Hope u and ur familly heading a nice weekend and kiss one add for u dear.
    XoXo ^^

  30. Salam..:)
    Agaknya mungkin hari tu pergi awal2 ia dibuka kut..masih byk yg kurang lagi..:(
    Bila tgk gambar2 cantik TK..nampak dah ada perkembangan menarik tu..!!!:)

  31. Pn Kartini- Actually tempat tu biasa2 je. Yg menarik pun sbb ada sea view kot.


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