Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Where Have I Been??

Hi all! Hope everyone is in the best of health! I've been quite busy lately and have been neglecting my blog duties! Tags from Shariz and Mizara pun tak buat lagi... At school, I've been multi tasking between teaching, coaching, supervising, referee-ing and all the 'ings'.

As we are in the middle of the school's annual sports competition, we have to be in the school field almost every afternoon. Panas betul duduk kat tengah padang tuh! It's getting hotter here in Terengganu and I've started developing itchy rash from sun exposure (especially on my face and hands). I ni puteri lilin and I am allergic to the sun!. I went to see the doctor and was told to stay indoors but there are jobs to be done! I can't complain much so bila gatal garu je la and sapu ubat!

There are about 60 events to carry out and we take turn to be the officials for all the events.

I am very impressed with the students' performance that day. Siapa boleh lompat camni? Masa kecik2 main lompat getah pun I tak lepas. The winner that day is actually one of Malaysia's top three performers. We have quite a number of the state's athletes in the school.

Everyday, after school, I will also be rushing to be with my sweethearts- the brass band team. They have new songs to practice and will take part in a major competition so we have to work extra hard. I just want to help them win the competition. By the time I get home (sometimes at 6.30p.m) I'd be very exhausted, the only thing I'd be thinking about is to relax or to doze off.

One of the students brought along his little brother that day..

and he tried all the instruments... He is just so cute..

Fortunately, tomorrow is a holiday for us in Terengganu. I just want to have a rest now. Have a nice day everyone!


  1. nice pics as always ! :)
    welcome back...

    rata2 di Malaysia ni mmg panasss sgt kak..ujan2 pun still panass...

    anyway , let's join my blogshop's giveaway ? a beautiful kaftan to be won ;)

  2. i pun malas kuar lunch panas wei heh
    u re dedidcated teacher dear :)
    i lompat katakpun tak lepas berat sgt heheh

  3. eh eh i pun lompat getah pun tak lepas..ini pulak nak lompat mcm that!
    now ni memang panas lah dear..i pun dah ada rashes kat belakang lutut,lengan and belly button..hihi bila panas rashes i slalu ada kat situ je :-)

  4. ish teror betul dorang ni..hihii nice pics btw..

    panas kan baru i pekena abc :)

  5. Ummi Hanie- TQ dear. u r so rightlah..hujan pun still panas. Nanti i join ur giveaway tuh!

  6. Ermayum- I'm just doing my job dear. I pun berat gak..Apa2 lompat -disabled!

  7. Zarin-samalah kita -kulit lokek. I kena kat tangan especially sbb terexpose to sun. Ni tengah sambil2 menggaru ni..

  8. gorjesmum- budak2 tu memang terror and enjoy tgok dorang lompat dgn penuh gaya. I pun hari ni mkn abc!

  9. Oh dear!! You have been too busy. Lucky for you a holiday day tomorrow. Stay indoors and rest your skin!
    Cheers, Karen

  10. Nice photos as always. :-)

    You sound as though you deserve a rest! I hope you enjoy your holiday day. x

  11. Nice pics. Enjoy your holiday and try to get some well deserve rest. Thanks for visiting my blog

  12. Dragonfly-Thank You Karen! I really need to rest my skin..

  13. Susannah- Thank You Susannah.Yes, I really need a rest and to avoid the sun. Ive got terrible sunburn on my face!

  14. May-Thank You May. Thanks to you too for visiting my blog and leaving a comment here :)

  15. Hi, nice to hear from you again :)

    Wow, I never knew teachers have so much responsibilities at your school! That's a heavy workload. You must be exhausted by the time you come home. In my city, because of budget cuts and the economy, schools are forced to laid off teachers and the remaining ones have to absorb more work. I really feel bad for the teachers here and now I hear about yours. I hope the government would invest more money in education rather than on wars and making weapons. Have a wonderful weekend!

  16. Busy teacher Ya? U sound like my brother, he is a teacher also and really busy but he loves teaching and I am u do too!^^
    We have heavy rain almost everyday in Bandung.
    Hope u get well soon from sunburn and have a nice weekend!:)

  17. Hi Teika,

    love to know that you're a teacher...
    You must be a very kind n of course a dedicated teacher...
    Love the photos too...very nice and interesting.

    Nensa Moon

  18. Rose Belle- Yes, I am totally exhausted by the time I get home. Nevertheless, I love being a teacher.

  19. Mignonesia-yeah u told me your brother is a teacher. Being a teacher is not easy actually but I love my job.

  20. Nensa- Glad to hear from you again. Thank You. I try to do my job as best as I can.

  21. sungguh kagum dengan semangat guru-guru nih..bukan senang nak jadi cikgukan TK?..asik je tak lepas mintak KPLI..maybe takde rezeki kot nak jadi seorang pendidik nih..huhu


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