Monday, May 31, 2010

Wedding Season!

The school holiday is just around the corner and here in Malaysia, couples would usually tie the knots during the school holidays in March, June or December. The 2 weeks school holidays will begin this coming Friday- for us in the East Coast. So, we are now approaching the 'wedding season' ! So far I've got 6 wedding invitations..which means I have 6 weddings to attend in the upcoming weeks...I am sure some of you might get more than that! Just last Saturday, one of my friends attended 5 weddings in a day! Just imagine!

It's a trend nowadays that you would find the photos of the future brides and bridegrooms on the wedding invitation cards. Zaman I dulu2, takde pun posing2 macam ni ...

And...Last Saturday I was in KB and we went to Rantau Panjang to get some wedding gifts for some friends and relatives who are getting married during this coming holiday. This time around, I decided to get some kitchenware for the wedding gifts. Senang..beli semua sekali harung.. So, I went to the kitchenware store that I always go to at Rantau Panjang. It is a duty free shop and things are cheaper there. For the past 13 years I've been frequenting the shop and I actually got most of my kitchenware from this particular shop.

There are a lot of choices and things are cheaper....

At the shop, they'll wrap the presents for you..So easy-jimat masa dan tenaga..

Below are some photos I snapped at the border town Rantau Panjang...It was a bit crowded last Saturday

Rantau Panjang is the major border crossing between Malaysia and Thailand for the East Coast of Malaysia. It's a popular duty free shopping area and at Rantau Panjang, Malaysia and Thailand are separated by a tiny river called Sungai Golok.

Golok town is just across the river on the Thai side. The use of illegal boat services to get across to Golok is a way of life... You will reach Thailand in less than five minutes by a small boat. We had been to Golok town many times before but lately we dare not go to the other side anymore due to safety reasons.. Tak berani you..but when the situation gets better I would love to be there again... I just love Thai food!

Things to get in Rantau Panjang-fruits!!

Fruits from Thailand- now is the lychee season..Fruits are cheaper in Rantau Panjang

Lots of snacks from Thailand

Musim bola can find lots of jerseys ...

Nevertheless, not everything is cheap in Rantau Panjang nowadays. When you do your shopping in RP make sure that you bargain for the goods that you purchase and you can save a few ringgit..

Lastly, just wanna share the excitement..Hooray! Next week is the school holidays! (teachers are as excited as the students when it comes to school holidays....) To all teacher friends Happy Holidays and to future pengantin-Selamat Pengantin Baru!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Awards!! For Me and For You!

I would like to thank Mak Isah or Pn. Isah from Miri Sarawak for passing me the Sunshine Award . Many thanks for the recognition and the friendship Mak Isah!!!! Nice knowing you and I am so glad to have you as a blogger friend. I always remember your photo when you were a very young nurse! You were already a nurse when I was not even born!. That’s why I always addressed you as Mak Isah! Hope you don't mind.. and Good Luck with your Cendol business Mak Isah. I know you make good Cendol!

Now I am going to pass this Sunshine Award to other 15 friends from all over the globe! Thank you so much for the friendships people..and you all have been such wonderful blogging friends indeed. They are :

1. Hazila
2. Ayu Hazelnut
3. Nensa Moon
4. Dita

5. Hana of Cat's Notebook
6. Susannah
7. Fatenton
8. I am Amsterdam
9. Honeylanz

1. Put the logo on your blog.
2. Pass the award on to 12 bloggers. (I'm doing 15)
3. Link to the nominees within your post.
4. Let them know they received this award by commenting on their blog.
5. Share the love and the link to the person from whom you received this

The next award is The Most Friendly Blogger Award from UmmiHoney . Thank you very much Ummi for naming me and my blog as The Most Friendly Blog. You too ..UmmiHoney have been such a very friendly and also a caring blogger friend. I always enjoy watching you cooking in the kitchen - in those video clips ! Tu yg special about UmmiHoney tuh! Hope you will be back with more and more wonderful recipes from your kitchen!

Now I am extending the Most Friendly Blog award to other wonderful blogger friends.
They are :

1. Mak Isah

2. CatInSydney

3. Pn.Kartini
4. Ermayum
5. Lady of Leisure
6. Azmiezas
7. Cheqna
8. Zarin
9. UmmiHanie
10. RoseBelle

11. Yat Maria
12. Mami

To all of you my readers and friends, Just want to let you know that this entire blogging community has been such a blessing to my life. Thank you for stopping by friends and thank you for leaving me comments…

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Churros and Kuih Belimbing

Last week, while blogwalking, I saw photos of Churros at HaNa's Family (a popular foodie blog). After seeing those photos of Churros, I was so tempted to have them...Terliurlah pulak! It so happened that I was in Low Yatt Plaza, Jalan Bukit Bintang and there is a Churros kiosk called Churros Royale at the food-court. What a coincidence! I especially love the Creamy churros at Churros Royale. So, apa lagi..after seeing those photos of Churros , I quickly headed to the Churros kiosk and had two creamy Churros there... Hmm sedap....Can't believe it..nampak gambar terus pegi makan...

Creamy Churros at Churros Royale

Churros is actually fried -dough pastry based snacks also known as Spanish donuts. This fried dessert is crispy on the outside and creamy on the inside and sprinkled with sugar. Creamy Churros at Churros Royale come in 4 flavours; strawberry, mango, vanilla and lemon. My favourite is the Vanilla cream. At the Churros kiosk, You can also have Churros with ice-cream.

In the menu, there are Creamy Churros, Churros Tapas and Churros With Ice-cream

Dippie Doope- Churros served with melted chocolate dipping sauce

The Kiosk at Low Yatt Plaza, Bukit Bintang

The surface of a churro is ridged due to having been piped from a churrera, a syringe with a star-shaped nozzle. Click here for the recipe of Churros and Kuih Belimbing at Hana's Family. It's quite easy to prepare Churros. Anak2 mesti suka..

Churros actually reminds me of Kuih Belimbing which is a popular kuih in Terengganu. Kat Terengganu pun ada Churros tau! I think Kuih Belimbing tastes almost like Creamy Churros. To me lah... I am not sure whether Kuih Belimbing can be found outside Terengganu..

Here is Kuih Belimbing. It is called Kuih Belimbing cause it looks like Belimbing (Starfruit). It's creamy on the inside. Actually I pun jarang makan kuih ni. For the recipe..ada kat Hana's Family . I am so not an expert when it comes to cooking and baking..

Have a beautiful Sunday friends!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Teacher's Day Presents!

First and foremost, I hope it's not too late for me to wish Happy Teacher's Day to all teachers and to all teacher bloggers- Myza, CM, Sis Tini and Sonata Anak Kancil. They are wonderful teachers I met at bloggingland! My school actually celebrated Teacher's Day last Sunday...

Like Ermayum said in her post about Teacher's Day- It's the tradition that Teachers Day is always associated with the giving of presents to the teachers. Days before Teacher's Day my daughter kept on reminding me about getting the presents for her teachers. Takut sangat mak dia terlupa! Presenting the teachers with gifts during Teacher's Day is a must for most pupils especially the primary school children who would always obey the teachers rather than the parents! My son however kept telling me that he would only give the presents to only two of his favourite teachers ! Teruk betul anak I tu!

So the night before Teacher's day my daughter wrapped all the presents

Some of the goodie bags I got for Teacher's Day

Being a teacher myself, I also got some presents from my students. In school, I only teach two upper six classes -6AK2 and 6AK3. They are the most senior students in the school dan sangat2lah baiknya. I am impressed with my students effort and the preparation to celebrate us, the teachers. Thank you very much to all of you my 6AK2 and 6AK3 students.

We had a small celebration in 6AK3. They bought a beautiful cake for us

Goodie bags and hampers for each one of us form six teachers! They must have spent a lot on this .

They made us 2 huge cards

Inside the goodie bag from my 6AK3 they put an album with the photos of each one of them.

One of the presents inside the goodie bag is the weighing machine !! I always tell my students that I need to lose weight. That's why they gave me that!..

My 6AK2 gave us a photo frame with a photo of the them together with some lovely presents and also a Surah Yasin! .

I love the card from my 6AK2. They wrote in the card :

Pusing Bandar naik bas kayu
Bulat Mate Tengok Awek Lalu

Walau Kami Kene Marah Selalu

Tapi Kami Tetap Luv U

Some of our ex-students came and brought lots and lots of kuih including this Bubble Pudding which is a popular dessert in Terengganu. The pudding is so delicious. Cikgu pun tak tau nak buat ni weh...Cheqna..pandai buat pudding ni tak??.

Presents from the school's administration . Cikgu2 kalau dapat hadiah tupperware memang senyum je..

Thank You to all my students -Thank You so much for all the presents. We appreciate it so much. I love all of you OK! Belajar rajin2 tau for your STPM..

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mother's Day Celebration

Thank you so much dear blogger friends for the Mother's day wishes . I appreciate it so much. Hope you all had the most wonderful Mother's day celebrations with your families wherever you are.

For Mother's day this year, my family had 2 small celebrations . Kedua2nya acara makan-makan. Maklum le ibunya suka makan..The first celebration was at Primula Beach Resort here in KT. We actually had Buffet Hi-tea at the resort's cafe.

At Rhu-Sila cafe

The food are mostly Malay traditional food. Biasa-biasa je. Not so good and not so bad either but the price is really reasonable . . So, we sat there for 2 hours and tried all the food..

the life band

Before we left the cafe , my husband presented me the Mother's Day gift. It's a handphone! Mr Hubby said I might need the phone for blogging. Ye la tu..Thank you dear hubby for the phone..I'm still learning how to use the phone actually....

Some photos I took outside Primula Beach Resort

I found this flower at the entrance of the hotel...Bunga tahi ayam ..busuk tapi cantik!!

Now is the squid jiggling season (musim candat sutun) in Terengganu so the hotel is having "Rasa-Rasa Sotong" promotion.

The next day (on Sunday), we had another small celebration at Pizza Hut. My children presented me the Mother's Day cards and the present!

They ordered my favourite dessert at Pizza Hut- Fuji Cake

Gift from my children . They saved their pocket money to buy the present..

card from hubby

card from Sarah

My daughter wrote on the card-Mama baik, Mama cantik, Mama Pandai masak. (ye ke???).Thank You Sarah...

..card from my son- Sure..It ain't easy being a mum son..tau takpe nak..

Oh BTW, next week is Teacher's Day. My children had already asked me to bring them to the gift shop to look for presents for their teachers...For primary school children, their teachers are everything....

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