Saturday, July 31, 2010

Keberangkatan DYMM Seri Paduka Baginda Yang di-Pertuan Agong

As I have promised, I am back with the photos of Tuanku's visit to our school last Saturday (during the SS78 Family Day).

A month before, the preparation of the SS78 family day was the school's top priority. There were so many things to be done! We had series of meetings, the protocol briefings, gotong royong, the rehearsels and etc. I was in charge of the students' stage performance that day. When I was informed that I was supposed to prepare a group of students for a live singing performance for the royal couple, I was actually laughing at myself..Who?? Me?? I can't even sing! Nursery rhyme pun tak lepas..hehehe. 2 days later, we quickly carried out an audition and 5 students were selected. Thank god! One of the students can sing very well and she made my job seemed so easy. Infact all five of them are very talented indeed.

I chose the songs and the list of songs was submitted to Tuanku's officers to be approved. I was with my students at the backstage when they performed that day and I was soooo nervous. Kecut perut I kat belakang stage tu as if I yg nak nyanyi! I always reminded my students to be cool always ( I sendiri pun tak cool sebenarnya) and not to forget their lyrics!!! After the performance, I felt so relieved. Lega sgt2 rasanya and I told my students they should really be proud of themselves. They don't have to be superstars or to be as famous as Siti Nurhaliza to perform infront of the King and Queen! I am so proud of my students that day and now I miss watching them singing..

Then, we were told that Permaisuri (Queen Lady Consort) was impressed with our students' performance and she would like to attend our school's 'Talentime' in the future (if we were to have one!).

Kagum degan Tuanku (His Majesty) yang mesra rakyat

Pemangku Raja

During the telematch

Tuanku and his classmates from SS Class of 78

A day before the event, the yellow carpet was laid out...... (Yellow is the royal color of the hereditary Malay rulers in Malaysia)

Semua org amek gambar kat kereta ni. It's a Bently. I heard that there are only two of it's kind in Malaysia

Tuanku dan Permaisuri sedang bersantap. It was at this time my students performed the songs. No one is allowed to carry a handbag or to bring a handphone into the hall due to safety reason. The bomb detection procedure was also carried out just before Tuanku entered the hall.

Some other famous people from SS Class of 78- From left : YB Syed Azman, Dato' Farid and Manan Ngah, the popular composer and song writer

The singers- Najihah, Mimi, Misah, Azim and Dina. Unfortunately, I couldn't take my students' photos while they were performing. No one was allowed to snap photos except for the appointed photographers...

Me and my Gamelan performers ..

My brass band team also performed that day.. I am the teacher advisor of the school's Gamelan team and the Brass Band team

My brass band members were getting the signature from the famous composer Manan Ngah. They played his song that day. Manan Ngah was also an ex- student of the school

Alhamdulillah, everything went well that day. Kalut jugak I sebenarnya hari tu..The whole thing is such a memorable experience to all of us....

Saturday, July 24, 2010


at the school's assembly court

at the school hall..

Finally... hari yang ditunggu2 telah pun tiba, Duli Yang Maha Mulia Tuanku Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin Ibni Al-Marhum Sultan Mahmud Al-Muktafi Billah Shah (the constitutional head-of-state of Malaysia ) and Raja Permaisuri Agong Tuanku Nor Zahirah were in our school this afternoon to officiate the school's Alumni's Gathering. Tuanku was a student in the school and he is from Class of 78. For the event, I was in charge of the students performance for the King and Queen! I'll tell you more about his visit to the school in my next post, ok. I dah tau apa dia lagu favourite Tuanku and his caller ring tone. My student ada nyanyi lagu kegemaran Tuanku. I also have lots of photos that I would like to share with all of you.

For the past few days I have been quite busy- sebok dan menyebok sana sini preparing for the event. By the time I got back from school, I would be very exhausted and minggu ni mmg dapur pun tak berasap. We have been eating outside and a few times at this seafood restaurant at Kuala Ibai which is near my house... The food served at the restaurant is quite good (to me lah..) and the price is very reasonable.. Most people go there for the grilled seafood. The seafood is really fresh and not bad at all.....

The view from where I was sitting at the restaurant. Petang2 best lepak sini!

Arfah Batik factory is opposite the restaurant at the other side..

Yg bumbung merah tu Arfah Batik factory

It's under the Kuala Ibai bridge near the lagoon..

Choose your sotong (squid)....

My favourite at the restaurant. I think it's the best squid fritters in Terengganu. Mmg best and the best!

Grilled Fish Terengganu style. I sukak! It tastes a bit different from the grilled fish at Jalan Bellamy KL tu tapi dua2 pun I suka. Here sambal ikan bakar yg ready made byk dijual..

Sup Tulang..I like Sup Ekor tapi takde kat sini

Grilled Cockles...

So, if you are in KT, hellolah ok..bolehlah I belanja kat situ....

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Photography Exhibition

Just last week, a photography contest exhibition was held at our school. It was something that I looked forward to because I just love photography. The exhibition features the award winning photos of a photography contest organised by CIMB foundation( CIMB is Malaysia's second largest financial services provider) . For the photography contest, participants are required to take a creative photo of a cause on community development, sports or education and write a short essay of about 100 words explaining why the cause deserves funding from CIMB Foundation. In the contest, one of our students Ronny Izwani Husni emerged as the first prize winner for school category (at the national level). We are so proud of him..

First prize photo by one of our students - Ronny Izwani who walked away with RM10,000! The photo is simple but very meaningful and touching.The photo was shot at an Old Folk's home here in KT. I have been to the old folk's home a few times and know most of the inmates.

For the contest, Ronny took a compelling photo and wrote an essay about the need to improve an old folk’s home located in Kuala Terengganu by providing better facilities for the comfort of the residents. He walked away with a cash prize of RM10,000 and the school gets RM15,000 in which the money has to be spent on charity projects for the old folk's home. In school, another teacher and I are in charge of the charity projects at the Old Folk's Home.

2nd prize winner

3rd prize winner

Some photos I like from the Open Category!

Such huge yellow card!

I love this photo the most! Cute je org Utan tu!

Photo of a fishing village of the Bajaus in Sabah. See the crystal clear water! Bestnya kalau dapat terjun ke dalam air yg jernih tu!

Some children have to go to school by boat and they are not wearing life jackets..How lucky our children are!

Due to our student's achievement in the photography contest, CIMB Malaysia had sponsored a photography workshop for our students and I was so lucky to be able to join my students at the workshop.

At the photography workshop organised by CIMB foundation

At the workshop-we were taught on how to edit the photo using photoshop. Rashidi, the photographer showed us his various lenses and of course they are expensive!

In conjunction with the event, CIMB also presented a year's sponsorship of the The Star's newspapers in Education to the school principal.

News about the event was in Star Newspaper the next day.

As for me ,the teacher, I never take part in any photography contest but I am so happy with the Glam Blogger award which I got from Hidayah- One Day At A Time. Thank you very much Hidayah. I really appreciate it. Dapat award kat blog ni pun dah cukup happy. I would like to extend the Glam Blogger Award to three friendly bloggers with impressive photoblogs . They are Nat, Biana and Cheryl.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Biskut Raya 2010

Every year, I would be selling Hari Raya homemade cookies and Sarawak layer cakes for Hari Raya (Eid Ul Fitr) celebration. It's a small business I do once a year because of my passion for cakes and cookies. Suka makan sebenarnya...buat tak pandai mana pun..
Nevertheless, I don't make those cookies on my own, ok. So, I never really experience the baking process and the joy it brings hehe...The cookies are made by a friend in Kota Bharu. Frankly speaking, I really don't know how to make good cookies. Even if I follow the step by step recipes, still things did not work! I am just so not talented when it comes to baking. I think to be a good baker, you do not only need good recipes and skills in baking but also patience! I guess I am just not patient enough!

Actually many of my colleagues are also selling Hari Raya cookies.. At work, we have started getting a lot of cookies samples and people had started placing their oders. Even though I sell cookies, I still order cookies from my friends or would just buy mana2 yg I nampak sedap anywhere I found them! Kat Bukit Bintang Plaza or SACC mall banyak jual biskut sedap2 that I like so much but they are quite pricy..

Some of the cookies I am selling this year

This one is called Basket Lady

Tart Teratai (It's actually pineapple tart)

Some sample cookies

Below are some cookies I sold in 2008 and 2009.

Last year's favourite biscuit was Biskut Seroja and it's also my favourite!

Baskets for hampers

Cookies I sold in 2008

This was a favourite back in 2007.

The Sarawak Layer cakes that I am selling come from a bakery owned by a friend. She is also selling them online at Randau.Net.

Kawan2 dah order kuih raya??? What's your favourite Hari Raya cookies??? My favourite would be Tart Nenas and Kuih Makmur..

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