Friday, January 28, 2011

Paris Van Java Mall

I tak abes2 lagi dgn my Jakarta Bandung entry. So this will be the last onelah ye..

Selain dari bershopping ke Pasar Baru(wajib pergi) and all the factory outlets in Bandung, you can also go for shopping at the shopping malls in the city.One of my favourite shopping malls in Bandung is Paris Van Java Mall at Jalan Sukajadi. I especially love the rest room (of all the things!) at the mall which is very unique- cantik sangat! Unfortunately, I don't have the picture to share. Kat mall ni ada SOGO juga.. Ada banyak lagi malls lain kat Bandung. Kalau nak pegi semuanya memang tak sempat. I usually go to Paris Van Java Mall and Chihampelas Walk..

Below are some photos at PVJ mall.

I suka lampu2 gantung dalam mall ni.. Sorry that my photo did not turn out well..

Zara was having sales at that time! Apa lagi..

I remember when we were at the mall, my children ulang alik ke gerai ni 3 kali.

My daughter suka strawberry chocolate while my son suka apple

Basically, mall ni lebih kurang sama macam kat Malaysia. Kasut Croc pun ada. The prices are also almost the same.

There are also many eateries at the mall. You can also find Manchester United Restaurant and Bar here. Semua kedai-kedai makan kat sini cantik2 sangat deconya..If only I boleh masuk semuanya..

We also had lunch at a restaurant which serves Thai food. Masa tu dah rindu sgt nak makan makanan yang kita biasa makan kat Malaysia..

Cantik deco resto ni...

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Plum Mango/Marian Plum

Yesterday, while I was at the market, I saw buah Kundang (as I call it) at a fruit stall in the market. Buahnya besar-besar gedabak dan oren..geram menengoknya....kecur air liur. I have never seen such big buah kundang . As soon as my daughter saw it at the market, she said "Mama I want it! Please...". Siap please..please lagi tu. I asked for the price and to my surprise, I was told it's RM25 per kg! Mahal wei!! Washington Epal pun tak semahal tu!!!

Actually, memang harganya begitu, here in KT but in Kelantan it's only half the price. Maybe because Kelantan is nearer to Thailand where the fruits come from. Despite the price, I still bought it because my daughter said pleaseee..pleaseee.... I pun suka buah ni. Bukannya selalu makan pun.

The violet seed

The fruit is called Marian Plum or Plum Mango in English or Ma-praang in Thailand and it's native to South East Asia . Marian Plum is also grown in northern part of Malaysia. In Thailand, Marian Plum is in season only for a short period of time that is from January to March. Patutlah pun banyak kat pasar sekarang ni. In Malaysia, the fruit is called buah kundang due to the violet seeds. Violet is ' biru kundang' in Malay language. If I'm not mistaken in northern Malaysia the fruit is called buah Setar. Kena minta kepastian orang Utara ni..I am not sure what is it called in Terengganu- kena tanya org Terengganu juga ni...

It's a mini sized mango and the outer skin is edible . Bila gigit rasa rangup kulitnya...tu yang best tu..

The big Marian Plum and the normal size Marian Plum that I usually see.

Nasib baik dua2 pun manis leting! Berbaloilah dengan regenya..Of course the bigger one is sweeter and juicier....very delicious!! Puas hatilah memakannya semalam....

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Jakarta Bandung Part 5

As I had promised, here are photos at Kampung Sampireun (Sampireun village) Resort and Spa. Anthony Bourdain stayed here in Kampung Sampiruen while he was in Garut. Kampung Sampiruen is situated at Chiparay village in Garut and it is a resort with the touch of a traditional Sundanese village .

Kampung Sampiruen is a truly romantic place and it's a top honeymoon location. Nak ke mana2, bolehlah naik sampan. Kalau I mendayung sampan tu, sure terhegeh2, takut tak sampai je ke seberang sana..

View of Kampung Sampiruen from the Bamboo garden..
Kampung Sampiruen is truly a kampung and a tropical paradise...I just love to be at Kampung Sampiruen! Rasa tenang je kat situ...

A place for you to experience stunning natural beauty.. Malam2 pun cantik kat sini...

The beautiful Trumpet Lily

The beautiful fragrant flower called Bunga Harum Sundal Malam 0r Tuberose. Kalau tak silaplah ye...Wanginyalah bunga tu.

For more information about Kampung Sampireun, you may go to Kampung Sampireun's website.

Till then, thanks for dropping by!!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Jakarta Bandung Part 4

Well, I am sorry.... I am still not done with my Jakarta Bandung Trip entries. Kira ni Postcards From Indonesia lah ye.... Actually, I have a lot of photos to share but I am a bit slow when it comes to editing my photos and also my post. Suka edit sana edit sini.. and it seems that most of my posts remain as drafts, forever.

This time around, I want to share with all of you photos I took at Garut, a popular tourist destination near Bandung. Garut is about 2 hours drive from Bandung city and is located in a mountainous area. Thus, the weather in Garut is a bit cooler than in other parts of Indonesia. In the 1930s, Garut was a favored hill station of the Dutch. I actually found out about Garut after watching Anthony Bourdain's trip to Garut on You Tube . Tau kan Anthony Bourdain the popular chef and host of Travel and Living chanel tu... ..

Memang cantik daerah Garut ni...The entire region is picturesque! Suasana country betul which I love so much.

The paddy fields

The village

Garut is actually surrounded by 5 volcanoes and one of the volcanoes, Mount Papandayan, is still very active and is also considered very dangerous. Bayangkanlah kat situ ada 5 gunung berapi....The volcanic soil around Garut is definitely very ideal for farming. Thus, the city and surrounding areas are known for their rice fields/ terraces and tea plantations. Apples, avocados, tobacco and oranges are also grown here.

At Garut, we stopped at Cipanas near Mount Guntur which last erupted in 1847 . Dah lama tu tak meletup!

At a hot spring water park near Mount Guntur. The water is warm and it comes from the natural hot spring in the area.

While we were in Garut, we stopped at Sabda Alam Hotel and Resort in Cipanas and there is a Hot Spring Theme Park at the hotel. Water park ni betul2 belakang hotel. There are actually many Hot Springs Resorts and Hotels in this area. Semua resort kat sini cantik2 and ada hot spring...

I did the fish theraphy for about 10 minutes and I noticed that, lagi gemuk kaki kita, lagi byk ikan datang...hehe . Kaki I antara kaki2 favourite ikan2 kat situ

Anak2 tak ke mana, asyik duduk bawah spilled bucket

After spending a few hours at the park, it was time to leave... My children said they had the best time..puas hati mandi kat situ because the water is warm and they could stay longer in the water. The natural hot spring water also has many health benefits.

Garut is also famous for leather crafts. The leather crafts here are of very good qualities and are definitely very very cheap. There are lots and lots of shops selling leather products such as jackets, shoes, sandal, wallets and etc.. Memang lumayan kat sini...

There are alot of shops selling leather products

Dodol - a popular treat and souveniours from Garut

Keropok kulit lembu (cow skin crackers)which is a favourite all over Indonesia.

I still have more photos in Garut and in my next post, I'll take you to Kampung Sampiruen, a beautiful resort where Anthony Bourdain stayed at while he was in Garut.

Well dear friends, till then..Have a beautiful Sunday!

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