Saturday, January 30, 2010

Husband-less Weeekend

My husband is away for the weekend and it is actually my first weekend without him this year. I hate it when he is not around cause I know I am going to be dead bored and mati kutu. Just after he left, I tried to list out the things that I plan to do during my husband-less weekend. I was thinking, if I were in KL I'd probably be at the shopping complexes with my best buddies or if my mother's house is near, I'd be spending my time with her. Really miss my mother! Sadly, the truth is I am in Terengganu and shopping would be out of the list and I also have no one here (sigh.) Really have no idea how I'd spend my weekend. Pikir punya pikir, I finally decided to just stay at home je lah and spend my time at BLOGLAND. Blogging does help cure my boredom at the moment...
I did go out to the beach again with my children yesterday and explored the other side of the beach where you can go for horse riding.

My daughter made these two sailboats and wanted to sail them in the water but I won't let her go near the water due to high tide. So tersadai kat situ je la ...

Don't miss an ice -cream when it's hot !

Enjoy your weekend everyone...!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Kite Flying At The Beach

Last weekend, I brought my children to Batu Burok beach, which is the nearest beach to my house. It has been almost a year since I last brought them for kite flying at the beach. Padahal the beach is only about ten minutes drive from my house! My children are always so excited about going to the beach and always begged me to take them for kite flying. Maknya je yang tak excited. Of course I love to be at the beach too but the truth is I am really scared of getting sunburn. The weather is really warm and dry here in Terengganu. Sayang kulit la konon.... That is why I seldom go to the beach. Kalau pegi pun dah petang around 6 o'clock.

As usual...everytime we go to Batu Buruk beach, my children would ask for new kites. I think they already have about a dozen of them. I remember when I was my children’s age I used to make my own kites from newspapers je. Making kites was so much fun back then . However, nowadays you can easily find ready made kites and kite flying is not as popular as it was before.

My son bought the Shark Kite

It’s actually so easy to fly a kite at the beach. Just let the kite go and with the help of the strong ocean breeze, it would soar up high into the sky easily. No wonder kite flying is so popular in the east coast especially at the coastal areas. It’s really exciting watching the colourful kites flutter in the wind !

Looks like a real bird!

My daughter finally got very tired and it was time to go home...

The last pose before we went home..

Kite flying is certainly a fun activity for children and is really a great way to spend time at the beach.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Tropical Treasures

Beautiful Bougainvillea blossoms at Fitrah Flora Nursery

Hi everyone! It's Friday today...weekend is here again (for us in Terengganu) and another week passes by. It has been a very hectic week and the weather is very warm here...Yesterday, I snapped some photos at a nursery, just in front of my daughter's school! Actually, I pass by this nursery almost everyday and sometimes parked my car right in front of it but had never been inside it until yesterday. The colourful Bougainvillea blossoms right in front of the nursery had somehow lured me to walk into the nursery yesterday. I just love anything colourful!

As I walked in, I was so surprised to see the forest like atmosphere inside the nursery. They are surprisingly so many plants! They are so green...Very green! The nursery looks like a tropical garden. Those tropical plants really have unusual sense of scenery !

The look and feel of tropical garden plants create quite a visual feast !

I wish that I could have my own tropical garden but I am not Mrs. Green Fingers and I am so terrible at all things to do with gardening.

There are many flowering plants too...

At the nursery, I also found my favourite plant, CACTUS and was so happy! My run-in with growing plant lifes are only some cactus plants which still survive today despite being neglected by me. Cactus is the only houseplant that I can grow cause it requires little care and handling...sesuai dengan orang yang tak berapa rajin like me !

Before leaving the nursery, I bought a cactus plant. Ni je la yang I boleh tanam. Would definitely go there again for more cactus! It's really great to connect to nature once in a while. Love Nature! Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

My Weekend...

How time weekend was finally over. How I wish that it could be longer.. Today is working day for us in Terengganu. So, it's back to work, back to reality..Yesterday, I decided to do some shopping at Mesra Mall near the petroleum hub, Kerteh. What is so special about Mesra Mall, anyway??. Well, it's the only mall in Terengganu where you can find Starbuck or Burger King... It took me about one and a half hour to reach Mesra Mall. Yes, it's quite far right??.. but it's really worth the journey. I got what I wanted - got to eat what I wanted and came home with smiling face. Thanks to hubby, the faithful driver..

On my way back from Kerteh, we decided to stop by at a stall at Kelulut Beach in Marang. I just love the sea view from Kelulut beach where you can see Kapas Island very clearly. I have never been to Kapas Island actually..tengok dari jauh pun cukuplah...It was very warm yesterday and we decided to have coconut juice to quench our thirst.. We had our lunch at Mesra Mall earlier and was quite full, actually. We only planned to have a drink..

While waiting for the coconut juice, I suddenly noticed the signboard 'Ikan/Kerang Bakar' - 'Grilled Fish/ Cockles' and somehow someway I got tempted to try the grilled cockles. It's not really my favourite but decided to orderlah pulak..The girl asked "makan untuk berapa orang?". Macamlah dia tak nampak kami berdua je! Of course, I understand some people might want bigger portion. So, we ordered the cockles for 2.

While waiting for the order sempatlah I snapped some photos..Agaknya orang kat stall tu cakap "kerang pun nak ambik gambar ke.."

After 10 minutes it was finally ready..

Not bad at all ... The chilli dip is really good.. Grilled cockles taste much better than the boiled one. It was really quite a lot for the two of us so we just couldn't finish everything...

On the whole, my weekend was not that badlah and hope yours is a wonderful one too. Have a beautiful Sunday everyone. ..

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Photos Of Children

I enjoy myself so much looking at pictures of children. I must say that I love children so much and enjoy being around cute little children (and love to pinch their cheeks too!). Children are absolutely adorable and are favourite subjects for photography. Photos of children always make me smile and enlighten my heart...

Would love to share with you photos of children by my favourite photographer from Terengganu, Dome from DigitalDome. His photos of children have always touched my them so much!

Children are loved for many them because....

They are so adorable

They are beautiful

They are smart

They are so cute !

They are sweet..

They are innocent

They really know how to have fun !

They remind us of our childhood memories and happy times in the past..

Enjoy more of wonderful photos of children at these links :

Monday, January 11, 2010

Hill Walking

One of the activities that I normally do for fitness benefits is hill walking. In Kuala Terengganu, the most famous place for hill walking is Bukit Besar (there is also Bukit Kecik) and everyday you will see lots of people walking up the hill especially during weekend. I've heard many stories of people losing lots of weight by hill walking at Bukit Besar and of course these stories have inspired me a lot in my quest to weight lost and better health..

For the first timer to Bukit Besar, the walk would be quite challenging especially if you are 'heavy'. At certain places, the track is quite steep that you would find it's really challenging to move on..I can still remember my first hill walking experience at Bukit Besar- my husband had to constantly pushed me up all the way up to the top... However, after a few trials the walks became easier and now I could even run up the hill. Some people even go up and down for many times!

I enjoy the crisp smell and sounds of nature as we walk up the hill .

Walking up the hill... My daughter was leading..we were all left behind

The last few steps before one reach the top! It took me about 20 minutes to reach the top..

At the top of Bukit Besar.. My daughter was the first to reach the top and my son was the last one..

Then, we saw ada orang pengsan la pulak! It was the girl's first time!
Some of the greatest rewards from hill walking are the views you get from the top of the hill.

The view from the top..I could even see the South China Sea!

The village from afar

To me, hill walking is an excellent stress reliever and our body also burn more fat. That's why I enjoy doing it.....

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