Sunday, November 28, 2010

Jalan2 ke Expo Cheng Ho 2010

Last Friday we were in KB during the last day of the Cheng Ho Expo which was held from 21-26 Nov at Sultan Muhammad IV Stadium, Kota Bharu . Dah last day baru free nak pegi..

Cheng Ho Expo (Kelantan -China International Trade Fair) is the first of its kind international trade exhibition, organized by the Kelantan State Government in Kota Bharu, Kelantan, featuring more than 300 companies from countries around the world.

We first visited Cheng Ho's mini museum at the 4th floor of Kelantan Trade Centre just opposite the stadium.

Great Explorer Cheng Ho @ Zheng He.

Great Admiral Cheng Ho aka Zheng He was born in 1371 and was the second son of of Haji Ma, a prominent leader of the Muslim community in his birthplace.The greatest legacy of Admiral Zheng He is the spirit of harmony and tolerance among people of different religious and races that he promoted.

The great voyages of Zheng He's fleets (1405-1433)

It's really amazing to find out how Cheng Ho managed his fleet of 28000 men . No doubt, at that time the Ming Dynasty had already obtained rich experiences in long distance seafaring and mastered highly advanced maritime technology.

Cheng Ho's exploration route

I found out that Cheng Ho reached Pahang and Kelantan during his 4th voyage (out of 7 voyages). He was in Malacca 5 times! Keluar dari situ barulah faham sejarah Cheng Ho in detail. Very interesting! Zaman sekolah belajar dah tak ingat.

Still inside the musuem....The Gold plated Al-Quran(in the frame on the wall) from the 16th century and is shown to the public for the first time. It is worth 70 million US dollar.

The 20 pieces of Ming Islamic and ceramic porcelain

Part of the longest Al-Quran in the world

At the expo there were hundreds of booths and stalls..there were so many things to see and buy..Memang kena bawak duit lebih datang sini . Last day tu byk barang dah dilelong murah2

Chinese Traditional massage

Pakcik tu was waiting for his turn.. Naklah juga try tapi org ramai sgt! My sister kata best urutannya!

Colourful arts and crafts from Uzbekistan

Ceramic from Uzbekistan

Beautiful crafts from China

Shawls and busana2 Muslimah yg cantik .

We were at blogger Kak Cik's booth . Akhirnya jumpa jugak booth Kak Chik... Unfortunately Kak Cik was not around..

At the International food court - a man from Xinjiang was preparing Xinjiang traditional food.

During the expo there was also the acrobatic performance by Adili Wuxor a Chinese tightrope walker who was reported to have set a new world record on July 1, 2010. Photos of Adili's performance can be viewed at Kak Chik's blog -Keluargaku Sayang.

Finally....we had our favourite food . Actually, kami berenti makan 4 kali!

We had our favourite Kelantanese food-COLEK and MEE CELUP at a stall near the Stadium

The Expo had attracted about 300,000 visitors . Byk gerai tutup awal sbb barang habis!
I hope there'll be another Cheng Ho Expo next year. Best expo ni.. !


Thursday, November 25, 2010

Terengganu Museum

Yesterday, I brought my children to the Terengganu State Museum- the setting of the Ulek Mayang Drama series. We first set foot in Terengganu State Museum yesterday and it is only about 15 minutes drive from my house. 4 tahun dok sini..baru first time pegi! Lalu situ dah berapa puluh kali daa...BTW, do you all watch Ulek Mayang on TV3??? My daughter love the drama so much! She used to watch Siti Kelembai before this. I pun suka tengok Siti Kelembai tu...BTW, we went to the museum yesterday to see the Venomous Animal Exhibition at the museum.

Ali the fisherman and Princess Mayang Sari from the popular Ulek Mayang drama on TV3

The museum is an architectural representation of the ancient palaces of the state which makes it a perfect setting for some of the scenes in the drama. The museum is actually the largest museum in Malaysia

Bila berada kat situ rasa macam berada di zaman silam. Seram pun ada you..

I love the beautiful landscape at the museum

Just outside the Venomous Animal Exhibition room was the Snake Show.

The Venomous Animal Exhibition will be until 31 Dec 2010.

The lady is holding a King Cobra.
King Cobra is the world's longest venomous snake. It is fierce, agile, and can deliver a large quantity of highly potent venom in a single bite. It is no doubt one of the most dangerous and feared Asiatic snakes

My son with a 2 months old baby python named CICAK .

Both my children were not scared of the snakes tapi I memang geli geleman tgok reptiles, ok. Eventhough they let us hold the King Cobra and take photos, I did not let my children go near it. Kang kena patuk, nyesal mak..oiii. My son actually begged me to let him hold the King Cobra.. Besar sungguh King Cobra tuh..!!

Makan Time !

We had lunch at Taman Tamdun Islam

Malaysian style fruit salad -Rojak

Banana Fritters

Malaysians favourite dessert ABC

Chicken Rice

Lepas makan petik epal..hehe

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Picnic And Class Party

Last week, when my students invited me for a picnic and class party at Kuala Ibai lagoon, I told them it's really not a good idea to have an outdoor activity at this time of the year! It's because the monsoon season is here..and sometimes the rain never seems to stop. Then, my students told me "Don't worry teacher! "Trust us, the weather is going be fine!" Maklumlah musim2 tengkujuh ni..the weather can be so unpredictable..

Fortunately, yesterday (on the day of the class party), the weather turned out to be so fine. It was a beautiful sunny day. You could see the blue sky and the blue sea. I was glad I could make it to the picnic and we had such a great time.. I just did not want to dissapoint my students. Budak2 tu baik2 sangat! The students brought food from home and we also had a BBQ.

We had a picnic under this tree
We also had BBQ-everything was done by the students...

The food, food and food

I brought watermelon...

Kuala Ibai lagoon is indeed a very nice place to have a picnic but not during the monsoon season ok!

The White Mosque at Kuala Ibai

Before we left, they gave us each a present...dahlah datang makan je, dapat hadiah lagi! Thank you dear students. We appreciate it so much! See you all again, next year, insyaallah!

The present from the students..

Happy Aidil Adha to all Muslim friends


Happy Holidays!!!

Friday, November 12, 2010


Congratulation to Terengganu for getting the best overall result for UPSR again this year . For 10 consecutive year, Terengganu has scored the best UPSR results in the country. Terengganu also did very well in other public exams and also got the best overall result for PMR and SPM -tahniah org2 Ganu. The best school in Terengganu is a rural school in Setiu. 35 schools, mostly rural schools, emerged top performers in this year's UPSR in Terengganu. Close behind Terengganu for best overall result in the country is the neighbouring state, Kelantan. Congratulation to schools in the East Coast who have been doing so well in all the public exams walaupun kadang2 terpaksa meredah banjir nak pegi exam..

Next, Congratulation to my son, who also scored 5As in the UPSR exam. Alhamdulillah. Teringat...selalu temankan anak I study sambil mak sebok blogging or blogwalking...hehe. Thanks also to some blogger friends dan juga kawan baik saya, An, who had wished for his success in the exam. Timakasih auntie2 semua ye. I must also thank the teachers who had been working so hard to make sure their students achieved good results in the UPSR exam.

In Kuala Lumpur, SK Taman Tun Dr Ismail ( 1 ) emerged as one of the best schools in KL, with 105 of 204 candidates obtained 5As, including the daughter of singer Nurul, Ayu Nazirah Mohd Faizal, and singer Hattan's son, Adam Eiman Mohd Shukri. Click here for more on this..

BTW, friends, whatever it is, I think we shouldn't put too much pressure on our children or force them to score in their exams. Always remember, they deserve to enjoy their childhood besides being excellent in their studies. It's actually very important for us to teach our children to take keen interest in whatever he is studying, not just for the school exam but also for the exam of life!!

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