Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Festive Food

Hi everyone! It has been 3 weeks since my last post! Sorry cause I am a bit late in updating my blog after the Hari Raya holidays. I decided to take a break from blogging for a while so that I would have more time for my son who had just finished his UPSR exam. It was my first time preparing my child for a major exam. I think I was more nervous than him!
For Muslim friends...I hope you all are enjoying your Hari Raya celebration wherever you are. Today is the 19th day of Syawal and Hari Raya is still very much celebrated everywhere. Some people are also celebrating Hari Raya Puasa 6!! I jugak lah yg tak habis puasa 6 lagi tapi dah tumpang beraya. Two days ago, we had Raya Puasa 6 celebration here in our small staffroom.

Well, this year we spent the first two days of Hari Raya at my parent's home in Shah Alam. On the third day of Hari Raya, my children begged me to bring them to the National Zoo. So, kami beraya kat Zoo Negara juga!! Next, on the fourth day of Hari Raya, we were at my husband's parents' home in Kota Bharu. Alhamdulillah, we got to meet all our family members from both sides (my side and hubby's side).

During Hari Raya, food has always been the most important thing. For me lah!.. Mesti nak makan sedap2! I am always so greedy for food during Hari Raya. So, I would make sure that I got to eat all my favourite food on the special day. Here are some photos of the festive food we had during Hari Raya


Usually on the first day of Hari Raya we would have Briyani Rice . The dishes are Acar, Kari Kambing and Ayam Masak Merah .

The making of Ketupat and Lontong for Hari Raya is something of the past. My mom doesn't make them anymore nowadays. I really wanted to have Ketupat and Lontong so I bought them..Seketul ketupat seringgit regenye..seketul lontong RM4

Ketupat which is made from rice that has been wrapped in a woven palm leaf pouch and boiled

Lontong -compressed rice which is wrapped in banana leaves and cut into small pieces

We had Ketupat and Lontong with Lodeh and Rendang.

My uncle gave us some lemang. I suka sgt lemang! Lemang is made of glutinous rice and coconut milk and cooked in a hollowed bamboo stick

Mini cup dodol from Malacca . Sedap sgt dodol Melaka ni! It is made with coconut milk, sugar, and rice flour and is sticky, thick and sweet.

Sarawak Layered cakes

Since both my sister and I sell Kek Lapis Sarawak every Hari Raya, we always have them on the table..macam org Sarawaklah pulak!

I like everything traditional..but Mr. Hubby loves cakes. So cake is a must have for him..His favourite cake is Swiss Roll

My favourite cookies this year is Semperit Telur Rebus. My friend in Kelantan made this Samperit Telur Rebus. One of the main ingredients in making the cookies is the hard boiled eggs.

The name of the cookies is Dahan Rapuh. Made in Terengganu nih. It's popular among my colleagues. It tastes like Batang Buruk . The name Dahan Rapuh sounds better than Batang Buruk, right???? I have never heard bout it before..

Next, photos of our Hari Raya Menu in KELANTAN

Nasi Dagang Kelantan.

Gulai Itik Serati..Duck curry

Fermented rice wrapped in banana leaves. I suka sangat...

Ketupat Palas- made from gutinous rice which is wrapped in the leaves of the fan palm. I suka yang ada kacang. Sedap sangat!

Eventhough I was born and raised in the West Coast, I get used to food from the East Coast and especially love the traditional food from both Kelantan and Terengganu.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Ramadhan Buffet @ Felda Residence KT

I guess everyone is in Raya mood already. Today is actually our last day of school before the Hari Raya Holidays which begins tomorrow until 18th of September. Pejam celik pejam celik dah nak abis tahun dah pun. Sekejap je masa berlalu. In school, we are all busy with the trial exams and my students are now sitting for their last paper of the STPM TRIAL exam. My son pulak is going to sit for UPSR right after Hari Raya. To all teachers, Happy Holidays ye!! When the school re-opens we will be busy with the REAL exams pulak.

Well, last week, we had our Iftar at Felda Residence in KT. I really love the scrumptious buffet spread at Felda Residence ni...Sedap sgt (ikut tekak I lah ye). I actually prefer Ramadhan buffet served at Felda Residence than other hotels in KT. Yg lain2 I tak berapa sikit.... To me Ramadhan buffet at Felda Residence is the best! Takde apa yg tak sedap and it's only RM45! Tempatnya pun tak crowded because the tables are limited (tak berapa banyak). For 2010 Ramadhan buffet, the hotel has 4 different menus to choose from. That day, I decided to choose the one with nasi Mandy, ketupat sotong and roasted lamb. Those 3 items are my favourite!!!!

Felda Residence KT

The beautiful view outside Felda Residence

Ramadhan buffet is served at Jintan Brasserie on the 17th floor of the hotel. Our table was table no 7

View from Jintan Brasserie on the 17th floor
Some of the food I tried....

Nikmatnya Nekbat!!! A very popular dessert in the East Coast.


Lai Chee Kang which is also my favourite

Keropok Moni!!! Sedap tau keropok ni..

Nasi Mandy ni mmg sedap sgt2. I loike I loike I loike! Lagi satu, Daging Dendeng dia sedapnyalah..susah nak jumpa sedap mcm tu..

Roasted lamb with black pepper sauce. It's flavourful and the meat is tender. Sangat terasa rempah ratusnya.

Puas hati hari tu dapat makan nasi Mandy and kambeng yg sedap sgt2. Of course there is a variety of food but we just can't have them all...Buncit perut nanti...

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