Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy New Year 2011

Hi everyone! ..Been quite busy lately because I am back at work after the long school holiday. At the same time, I am trying to get things organized at home before the school reopens in a few days more. Baru sedar..byknya keje yg tak settle! In school, we have been busy preparing for the students registrations for 2011 academic year. The 2011 academic year will begin on the 3rd of January(instead of 2nd January) for us in the East Coast. Thanks to Malaysian Football team, our holiday is extended to one more day..

So, it's time to get back to school for my children and me too, of course!! Dari kecik sampailah ke tua I kena pegi sekolah it seems.... Next week, my son will be in the secondary school and we had decided that my son and I will be in the same school! My son dgn I satu sekolah dan akan ke sekolah bersama2... I am so glad that I'll be seeing him more often and he'll be under my watchful eyes.

Finally, to all blogger friends...Happy New Year 2011!

My Starbuck 2011 planner. Ada orang bagi...TQVM ye!

My Wishes for All Of You, friends...

Happiness always....
Serenity with each sunrise.
Success in each facet of your life.
Family beside you.
Close and caring friends.
Blessed with good health
Love that never ends.

Bye 2010..

Never live in the past but always learn from it.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Snow At Empire Shopping Galery

Well, Christmas is celebrated in Malaysia just like everywhere else. At this time of the year, there'll be Christmas sales everywhere.. Orang yang dapat bonus banyak macam Ermayum tu.. bestlah kan. Orang2 lain yang dapat bonus tu happy for you all juga, ok! My bonus is so ciput but Alhamdullilah atas rezeki yang diberi..

Well, weeks before Christmas it is also common that all the shopping malls would put up spectacular Christmas decorations in their bid to attract customers -young and adults. Recently we were at Empire Shopping Gallery, Subang Jaya. As soon as we entered the mall, my daughter was very excited when she saw the snow!! Malaysia pun ada salji tau!

Well, the theme for ESG's Christmas deco is 'Railway Magical Christmas' and there is a cute train

..... and the train goes through a tunnel..yg kiut miut juga...
Brape guni kapas dorang guna make the snow

Ada stesen keretapi. ...It's RM2/- per person and the money goes to charity...

From far, it does look like real snow especially the snow on the Christmas trees..
Tu la dia snow in a tropical country

Next , I noticed another attraction at ESG - Has anyone tried the Lex Slide????. It's the world's tallest indoor spiral tube slide . The ticket is RM12 per person . Group package would be RM45 for a group of 5.

The slide from the 5th floor to the ground floor would only take 10-15 seconds! 10 seconds of adrenalin rush should be okay with me tapi takpelah...I think I am too old for it! Sesape yang gayat kena pikir 2 kali.... Orang2 yang pakai skirts- tak sesuai!!

Well, I would like to wish Merry Christmas to all my blogger friends who celebrate Christmas wherever you are. May this Christmas be bright and cheerful. To those yang bercuti, Happy Holidays.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Jakarta Bandung 2010 (Part 3)

A few weeks before we flew to Jakarta, my blogger friend from Bandung, Dita, had published some posts which according to her, were specially dedicated to me... In the posts, Dita came up with some suggestions on the food and ole ole that I should get in Bandung. Thank you Dita for those posts!

Well, in one of the posts, Dita also suggested that I try Martabak Bolu. I had been to Bandung 5 times before my recent trip but I had never heard of Martabak Bolu. Usually everytime we went to Bandung, I would only get steamed brownies or banana pastry which I love so much. While I was in Bandung recently, I did asked Pak Suhanda where can I get the best martabak in Bandung and he recommended Martabak San Francisco. Nevertheless, until my last day in Bandung, we were busy ke sana sini..I had to forget about this Martabak San Francisco... Biasanya macam tu la kalau ke sana, banyak mana hari pun macam tak cukup masa je..

On my last day in Bandung however, I found Martabak Bolu Golden Bell at a bakery nearby the hotel where we stayed at and I finally got to taste Martabak Bolu as suggested by Dita in her post.

Martabak Bolu Golden Bell

So here is how the martabak looks like...looks familiar?? Well, it looks like Malaysian Apam Balik...exactly !

BTW, Apam Balik is a pancake like snack with ground peanuts and creamy sweet corn filling. It's one of Malaysians' favourite snacks. Martabak Bolu in Indonesia is slightly thicker and has varieties of fillings - cheese, chocolate, peanut butter and fruits. Martabak Bolu also tastes almost the same as Apam Balik . Memang sedap..!! That day, I bought Martabak Bolu with cheese filling..rasa lemak2 cheese gitu..

Everytime I went to Bandung I would definitely stop at the bakeries and tried all the cakes, buns and pastries.. macam biasa...takde keje lain..makan dan makan...

Holland Bakery in Bandung

Brownies from Holland Bakery is really tasty

I love the buns at Holland Bakery..everything is sooo delicious.....

I also love to stop at Amanda ...This is Amanda at Jalan Dago

My favourite would be chocolate pancake with custard filling...enak banget!!

At Amanda, I would get the steamed brownies and also brownies kering as ole ole . My favourite would be steamed brownies with cheese topping..

Kartika Sari at Jalan Dago

At Kartika Sari, I would get the banana pastry aka Pisang Bolen. I had tried Pisang Bolen at some other bakeries but I think Pisang Bolen at Kartika Sari is the most delicious...

and here is what I missed the most...Avocado chocolate shake..

In one of her posts, Dita had also suggested that I try Klappertaart (coconut cake) Den Haag....Unfortunately, I did not get to try it. Tak berkesempatan.. Maybe next time je lah ye Dita. Bandung is definitely an ideal place for food hunting - memang tempat orang jalan-jalan cari makan atau tempat wisata kuliner dalam bahasa Indonesia.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Jakarta Bandung 2010 (Part 2)

When we were in Jakarta, we brought our children to Taman Safari Cisarua, Bogor. If you are in Jakarta, Bogor is definitely an ideal place for you to escape from the city heat and explore the beautiful countryside of Indonesia. A popular weekend getaway, Bogor is a cool and misty highland surrounded by volcanoes and hills, tea plantations and vegetable farms. Sejuk dan nyaman di sana!

I really enjoyed the breathtaking views along the way to the Safari Park. So beautiful!! Malangnya tak sempat berhenti utk ambil gambar sbb nak cepat2 pegi tempat lain pulak...

Next, you can buy carrots and bananas( to feed the animals ) from the many vendors by the road side leading up to the Safari Park . You should also bargain for half the price..Byk sgt gerai ni sepanjang jalan..

I think one should get the map of the Safari so that you would know where you are and where to go to. The Safari covers a very huge area, you would have to spend one whole day there! That day, we only explored 30% of the amusent park. Tak sempat!

As soon as we paid for the tickets, we entered the gate for the Safari tour. First, you will arrive at herbivore zone and the African wildlife zone, where you will see elephants, giraffes, camels, zebras, hippos Llamas etc. Then, you will be at the zone of beasts of prey where the ferocious lions, tigers, leopards and bears are waiting for you..

..all the animals were walking around approaching every car

A safari park allows visitors to see wildlife from the closest distance....

Kawan kita from Australia..

Yang ini geng2 tanduk panjang..Tak berani bukak tingkap...

At the African Wildlife zone....Rasa cam kat Afrika je..

At the carnivore zone,..I saw this charmingly naive bear... Looks like a teddy bear kan?

The fun doesn’t stop after the safari tour ends. You will arrive at the amusement park zone where you can rest and eat at the food court. There are jet coaster, merry go round, sky lift, haunted mansion, giant wheel, pony/camel/elephant rides and many more attractions. I tak pegi semua tu, tak larat..besides it was drizzling..

The school children posed with the elephants...

At the Safari you can go for elephant ride, pony ride and camel ride...semuanya ada

At the birds park...

At the Baby Zoo- Actually, there was a tiger cub on a bench behind Sarah

On a Jurassic train ride which brought us to a cave with many dinosaurs!

Still at the Baby Zoo, you can snap photos with baby Orang Utan, baby leopard and mcm2 baby lagilah..

Sorryla ye..buat you alls penat tgok those animal photos....My children had fun at the Safari though most of the time it was drizzling. Due to the rain, I had to buy umbrellas at the souvenir shop. We would spend more time at the Safari if the weather was okay. If you come during the monsoon season, I think you really should bring umbrellas or raincoat. FYI, Bogor is also known as Rain City @Kota Hujan and gets more lightning storms per year than any other place on earth!!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Jakarta Bandung 2010 (Part1)

Hi everyone! We are finally home. Home Sweet Home... We had been away from home for about two weeks. Miss Terengganu..miss the food - Nasi Dagang and Keropok lekor..hehe.

Hari tu, we spent a week in Jakarta and Bandung- Cuti2 Indonesia. Then, we spent another week at my mother's house. Thousand apologies because at times, I couldn't leave comments at your blogs while I was away. Ada yang tak sempat especially when I was in Indonesia. Thanks to some blogger friends who dropped by at my blog and bertanya khabar..I appreciate it so much.

Well, during our recent trip to Jakarta, we decided to fly with the Dutch carrier KLM. The airfare was reasonable and berbaloi. So, besides flying with AA and MAS, KLM is another option kalau nak ke Jakarta...

KLM's inflight magazine..I like the mag

The KLM's flight to Jakarta is actually a connecting flight from Amsterdam. Hari tu, penuh flight with mostly Malaysians who were going for holidays in Jakarta and Bandung. Alhamdulillah, there was no flight delay or any other problem and we reached Jakarta on time! As soon as we stepped out of the arrival hall, I was so relieved when I saw Pak Suhanda (the driver ). Dengan Pak Suhanda, semuanya BISA DIATUR!. We have known Pak Suhanda for many years and would hire him kalau ke sana.

My children were not hungry so they did not touch the food during the flight. Mama lah yang menghabiskan mana yang patut....Camnelah nak lose weight??? BTW, the food was good! (Nasi goreng dgn sate, a cake and mango salad)

When we left the airport, my children suddenly told me, LAPAR!!! So, we headed to Pizza Hut! I like Pizza Hut Indonesia. Sedap dan murah! Before that, in Jakarta, jalan macet sana sini..aduh!!! You really have to bear with the traffic congestion in Jakarta.

I like Pizza Hut Indonesia because there are more choices of food and drinks . Enak Banget! Harganya pun murah...

My children wanted Mix4Fun Cup ni but when they were too full, they changed their mind. Toppingnya kita bubuh sendiri..Pilihan desserts memang banyak kat Pizza Hut Indonesia.

Aneka kelezatan favorit Barat . Semua tu enak banget.. okay..

Hubby had Oriental Spaghetti-sedap sgt spaghetti ni .

Anak2 dua-dua nak makan nasi..Rice with shrimps . Manis sgt udang sos tu..

Rice with black pepper meatball

and...I had Pizza with EXTRA cheese...there was no way for me to lose weight...

Well that was the end of our first day in Jakarta.. Gua capek banget hari tu! The next day we went to Bogor/Puncak. I'll continue about my trip to Jakarta and Bandung in my next post...ok. Have a beautiful Sunday everyone!

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