Saturday, October 23, 2010

Nasi Kerabu Biru

2 weeks ago while we were in KB, I helped my MIL prepared Nasi Kerabu Biru using Bunga Telang (also known as Blue Pea/Butterfly Pea or Clitoria Ternatea). We would only make Nasi Kerabu Biru once in a blue moon. Tak rajin nak petik2 bunga. Usually we would only have plain white rice for Nasi Kerabu. One of the reasons is because the flower doesn't have any taste and only gives color to the rice.

To get the indigo coloured juice for the rice, I used a spoon to mash up the petals of Bunga Telang (in a bowl) and added some water. Next, I just got rid of the mashed petals and you'll get the juice. Senang je..Some people would just cook the petals (without mashing the petals) with the the rice in order to get the blue rice.

This is the plant at the backyard of my MIL's house. I dont know if it has other name. My MIL call it bunga nasi kerabu je.. It looks a bit different from Bunga Telang at my neighbour's fence. as it has more petals..

Bunga Telang at my neighbour's fence look like this .
Picture source here

I doubt nasi kerabu sellers would use the flowers to make Nasi Kerabu Biru. Most of them would use artificial colouring . Warna birunya pun lain. Sometimes biru sgt! Takut I nak makan..

The blue rice which was prepared using the natural food colouring from the flowers

I love a complete set of Nasi Kerabu with Solok Lada (chillies stuffed with minced fish and grated coconut), pickled garlic, salted egg, fish crackers, roasted chicken/beef or fried fish

Stuffed Chillies

That day, I also made Roselle Lychee juice.

Roselle flowers

I bought some fresh roselle calyces at a market near my MIL's house in KB. Murah je..Roselle calyces are exported to America and Europe where they are used for food coloring. It has also been used in folk medicine as a diuretic, mild laxative, and treatment for cardiac and nerve diseases and cancer.

Boil the calyces with some sugar

Roselle juice is a popular pro-health drink as it contains a lot vitamin C and also other vitamins and minerals. My daughter doesn't really like the taste of Roselle juice because it's a bit sour. So, I added some lychee fruit into the Roselle juice. So, it became Roselle lychee juice and she likes it so much.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

SUA RASA at Pulau Warisan

We were at SUA RASA TV9 Carnival at Pulau Warisan yesterday. SUA RASA is an event organized by TV9, one of the biggest free television networks in Malaysia. It's a popular event here in Malaysia and is usually held at most major cities all over the country.

Pulau Warisan (Heritage Island) is a new tourist attraction here in KT. It is actually a small man -made island and is connected to the mainland by some bridges. There is a jetty at Pulau Warisan where tourists can go for a river cruise along the rivers in Terengganu.

At one of the bridges.

From the bridge you get to see the beautiful view of the surrounding area. Petang2 mmg best lepak sini. Pulau Duyung can be seen very clearly from Pulau Warisan as it is now so near! A lot of people came for the SUA RASA concert.

There are lots and lots of stalls and booths but the only thing which caught Sara's attention was the Silky Girl's booth. She bought face powder and a lip gloss and she insisted on paying with her own money! Taknak pakai duit I!

As for me..I was only interested in food..hehe

My favourite fruit! Manis sgt isinya. Puashati beli..

In the afternoon, it was really hot at Pulau Warisan. My children were asking for drinks and drinks..

When we reached home, I noticed Sarah trying on her new lip gloss..tak sabar2 tu..and she was using her DS's screen as a make up mirror!! Punya la semangat nak bersolek!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tortura Exhibition

During the 5th day of Hari Raya, we were at the Tortura exhibition at the Kelantan State Museum. Sambil beraya di rumah sanak sedara, kami beraya di muzium juga..

Kelantan State Museum is at Jalan Hospital, Kota Bharu

The exhibition is actually held in Malaysia for the 3rd time. It was held in Malacca (for the 2nd time) last year. Tortura also has been shown in many historical and illustrious cities across Europe, Japan, Argentina and Mexico.

The exhibition features 200 pictures, diagrams and actual instruments of torture and punishment from various parts of Europe during the medieval era . It depicts the disturbing, yet captivating methods and materials used by those in authority over citizens of different races, religions, languages, social status, gender and opinions from the norm. The purpose of the exhibition is to create awareness- against the violation of human rights

The grim, dark and gloomy atmosphere inside the museum as visitors watch the horror the victims could have gone through

As you walked into the exhibition hall, you would hear the eerie Gothic Music. I memang allergic dengan music Gothic tu...Seram you!!!! Dahlah gelap! The thought of seeing the 'actual' instruments being used to torture people is really disturbing...I was actually quite nervous as I walked inside the museum..I ni memang penakut!!!

A black cloaked figure greeted us at the entrance of an exhibition room. Saje je dorang letak situ nak bagi kita terkejut!

Nevertheless, my children and their cousins showed no sign of fear at all. Riang gembira je tengok pameran tu! Siap lari2 ke sana- sini main cak2 kat patung tu.. As for me, I know the black cloaked figure isn't real but still takut jugak when I walked passed by it!

There are details, pictures and diagrams which described how these instruments are being used on the victims

Human's cage

A head crusher -the victim's chin is placed on the lower bar and the cap forced down by the screws

Those are breast rippers!!! Yang ni tak payah explainlah can just imagine..

The Inquisitional Chair (chairs blanketed with iron spikes), used in central Europe up till 1846.

The Iron Maiden of Nuremberg- A victim was placed inside and the door shut slowly so that the very sharp points penetrated her arms and legs.

Jock's Mare- The victim was forced to ride on the sharp back of the instrument while increasingly heavy weight were attached to his feet

Branks-some had iron mouth pieces that permenantly mutilated the tongue with sharp spikes and blades.

Tortura Exhibition at Kelantan State Museum from 13 September to 13 December 2010

We also went to the other parts of the museum where you could learn more about Kelantan's culture and heritage. Days after the visit to the museum, I could still hear the eerie music in my ears!

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