Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tag From Azmiezas and Zarin

I was tagged by Zarin and Azmiezas and here there are.....

Ini tag from Azmiezas . Basically it's about our driving experience...

Adakah anda mempunyai lesen memandu? (Do you have a driving licence?)
Yes, I do.

Bilakah anda mengambil lesen memandu? (When did you get your driving licence?)
in 1989 -while waiting for my SPM result

Berapa lamakah pengalaman memandu anda? ( years of experience in driving?)
I only started driving a few years after I got my licence . Mula2 dapat lesen penakut bawak kereta you... Tumpang kereta kawan je... So I have only about 17 years of driving experience..

Pengalaman pahit ketika memandu?( any bad experience?? )
Takde yg pahit sangat dan mintak dijauhkan. No major accident or whatsoever. Just lots and lots of minor accidents. Kereta saya penah kene sondol dari belakang twice. Once by a policeman but it was his fault! Other than that, I byk langgar tiang..mcm2 jenis tiang I langgar - tiang lampu, tiang letrik, tiang kat parking lot sekolah, tiang pagar rumah, pasu bunga kat sekolah…eeee banyaknya. Since last year, takde dah. I am more careful. Terngiang2 kat telinga, hubby warning me ...tak pasal2 kene bebel nanti.

Pengalaman manis? ( Any good/memorable experience??)
To be able to reach my destination at an unfamiliar place dengan jayanya without my hubby's help or GPS. It happened a few times only because I depend so much on my hubby nak kemana2

3 tabiat ketika memandu? (3 habits while driving )
-Suka berkhayal and think about what am I going to do the whole day..
-Everyday I would watch 7 o’clock news while driving to work . Bukan tengok sungguh2 tau, bahaya. Tengok gitu2 je..but that's the only time that I am able to watch news on TV.
-tabiat saya tak berapa suka dengar radio sometimes... suka senyap je...

3 pantang time i memandu bila? (3 things you dislike )
-following a very slow car at the fast lane!
-when the phone rang and korek2 cari handphone dalam handbag but couldn't find it. Bahaya mencari2 while driving tau..tapi nak jugak jawab handphone tu...
-when people do not give signals when they are supposed to!

Now I am gonna tag other blogger friends, wokay. They are...

Pn Isah
Pn Kartini
Maya Amir

Those who had already done it..abaikan je la ye..


SIAPAKAH ANDA DIRUMAH? who are you at home?
I am a mother, a wife, a cook, a teacher and a driver.

SIAPAKAH DIRI ANDA DISAMPING RAKAN? who are you to your friend?
Someone who talks a lot....
I am always proud of my best friends and would support them in whatever they are doing or pursuing.

BENDA YANG ANDA IDAMKAN TAPI MASIH BELUM TERCAPAI? Things that you want to achieve in life??
Yang paling nak..I nak gi Mekah, and perform Haj. Yang lain2 tak berapa fikir, tak tercapai pun takpe... Apa yg dah diberi, alhamdulillah.

SIAPAKAH NAMA PASANGAN ANDA? Name of your partner?
Mohd Noor Hatta

5 PERKARA YANG PALING ANDA SUKA TENTANG PASANGAN ANDA? 5 things you like about your partner
Responsible, caring, organized, his brilliant ideas, maturity

BILA TARIKH COUPLE . When did you start dating?

akde yang pahit...

LAGU TEMA CINTA ANDA . Your theme song?
I am sorry we don’t have any theme song to share. Tak romanticnya.. Semua lagu sedap2 kitaorang layan..

I think most of us have done this tag but if you are interested to do it..go ahead.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Gossip Kitchen

Hi friends! How time flies! There goes another week and another month and we are now approaching May pulak. April has been a very hot month. Really can't stand it. Panas betul. Berpeluh2 ketiak even during early morning.. The hot weather makes me feel very exhausted and hot tempered as well....April has also been a very hectic month for me . There is no holiday in April and we work every Saturday. My weekends are so gone..

Yesterday was a school day as well. Some of my friends suggested me to try the food at this new eatery called Gossip Kitchen . So, after school I had my lunch there.

The owner of Gossip Kitchen is a young chef who looks much younger than his age. Muda2 lagi dah bukak restaurant....It is a reasonably priced restaurant with friendly and welcoming staffs. The food is also ..superb..

From the outside, the restaurant is easy to spot with its red and white paneled exterior. The red and white theme continues throughout the inside of the restaurant with red and white brick walls. The tables are all white with red and white placemats. The place is clean and is pleasant to the eyes.

The food at Gossip Kitchen is deliciously yummy. Items on the menu include western platters and variety of local delights.

Chicken Chop Ala Satay . The chicken tastes like satay and is really delicious.

Chicken Chop with black pepper sauce

A local delight- Banana Pengat with ice-cream . Sedap you.. Full of fat! Churros pun ada kat sini..

One of my favourite drinks at Gossip Kitchen -Italian Soda-Passion Fruit Flavour .

Ada kucing Firaun sesat kat sini...There are many pictures of ancient egypts inside the restaurant.

Look at what is written in the menu..We are supposed to share gossip, spread gossip ..bla..bla..bla. Oh.. I really have no gossip to share.. BTW, I did enjoy great food at Gossip Kitchen.

Have a lovely Sunday dear blogger friends..

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Camping At Merang, Setiu

At one of the beaches at Merang, Setiu. The beach faces Bidong island and Redang island

This year, our school's annual camp was held at UDM's campsite in Merang, Setiu from 15-17 April. The campsite is about 40 minutes drive from our school in Kuala Terengganu and only a few hundred metres away from the jetty to Redang Island.

Well, I think UDM's campsite is one the best campsites I've ever been to. The camping ground is under shady trees facing a lagoon near the sea. It's a really nice place.

UDM's camping ground

Two years ago, we had the worst experience during the school's annual camp which was held at Hutan Lipur Sekayu (Sekayu recreational forest ) in Kuala Berang. The campsite is surrounded by thick jungle . It was really dark and eerie at night. During the last night at the campsite, some of our students suffered from hysteria. I can still remember that moment when we suddenly heard a loud scream in the middle of the night. A girl was the first victim. A minute later, it was followed by another scream but it was a boy. Strange..I've never heard of boys experiencing hysteria. The girl and the boy were actually quite a distance away from each other. Soon, more and more students were screaming.

It was not easy for us teachers to handle the situation. Everyone was scared and exhausted as it was in the middle of the night!. There were only less than 20 teachers on duty and we were supposed to handle 200 students . I can still remember that I was awake all night and couldn't close my eyes. One of the students were so scared she asked me to stay by her side. Little that she knew that ..cikgu dia pun sebenarnya bukannya berani sangat (I myself was so damn scared)....Eventhough we lied down so close to each other, we were still very scared. I think it was in everyone's head - "Am I going to be be the next person??" as we were aware that hysteria is contagious. It was a lesson to learn for all of us, teachers. The next year we decided to have a break from camping in the wilderness. We had the camp in the school compound instead. It was so easy except that there was no thrill at all. This year we decided to have it near the beach...

Camping is good for students as it teaches them leadership skills and responsibility in many ways. They also learn to appreciate nature

They also learn to cook..The students offered me their breakfast..cekodok hangus!

Facing the lagoon. There are a lot of crabs at the lagoon. The men teacher managed to catch a lot of crabs and the lady teachers helped cooking the crabs -buat gulai ketam

Views of the surrounding areas

It is near the jetty to Redang Island.

Found these wild flowers during a nature walk. Pertama kali tengok pokok ni..

Water activities for the students. My favourite water sport..kayaking

The happy faces of the best team for 2010 Annual Camp. They are my 6th former students

This year, everything went well at the campsite in Merang, Setiu. Nothing bad happened except that during the last night, there was a heavy downpour and we were not really prepared for it. Fortunately, there was no case of hysteria. We really had a wonderful time.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Skin Food

Food For The Skin

There are many cosmetic products in the market, today and I noticed that Koreans cosmetic products have started to gain recognition in our country. Some popular Korean cosmetic products in Malaysia are Skin Food, Etude House and The Face Shop. Skin Food for example, is one of the fastest growing cosmetic brands in the Korean skin care market and it is very popular in Malaysia as well.

Frankly speaking, I am not so much of a person who really takes care of my skin. Pemalas sikit! I also never really stick to only one cosmetic product. Fortunately, I don't have any problem with my skin. Pakai apa2 pun boleh..semua sama je.. I really have no idea what's the best cosmetic product in the market..

Well back to Skin Food...The appealing factor of Skin Food is the use of natural food such as fruits and vegetables as ingredients in their products. Definitely it's one of the reasons why the product is so popular especially in Asian countries. The food base cosmetic products range from makeup, skin care, body and hair products for women, men and baby.
I first entered a Skin Food store during my trip to Seoul about 2 years ago. I was walking somewhere at Dongdaemun shopping area in Seoul when I saw a cosmetic store which looks so familiar to me. Then I noticed that it's 'Skin Food' which can be found in some popular shopping complexes in Malaysia. Masa tu lah baru teringin nak masuk Skin Food nih. Since it was my first time at the store, I was really amazed by the many products with beautiful packaging on the shelves... With reasonable price, lovely paper bags and wonderful freebies, I walked out of the store smiling and satisfied.

Some of Skin Food products...

Coffe Creamy Colorfit ShadowTomato Whitening Cream Ginger Toner For Men Banana Concealer
Pineapple Hand Cream

Goat Milk andLavender Baby Oil

When I returned to Malaysia, I decided to have a peek at a Skin Food store in Malaysia and I did compare the prices as well. To my surprise, the prices of Skin Food products in Malaysia are almost triple the prices in Seoul. Menyesal tak beli banyak2 kat sana and in Korea they give a lot of freebies!!!

Sweet Chocolate Foam

I like the paper bags too..

I have tried some of the products and I think they are quite good. One of my favourite products is the Sweet Chocolate Foam. Macam budak2, I just love the smell of chocolate and the thrill of washing my face with chocolate. It actually smells like chocolate wafer-rasa nak makan! I also love some of the products with fruit ingredients as they have sweet fruity smell.

Well actually, we don't have to fork out for expensive creams that have natural ingredients and extracts for skin care... You've got ingredients in your kitchen that will help you to keep your skin glowing and healthy. You can come out with your own home-made face mask from tomatoes or cucumbers. There's always the Do-It Yourself solutionkan. Kalau rajinlah .. As for me, sangatlah tak rajin nak buat tu semua..

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Made In Japan!

Not only Japanese cars , Japanese food , Japanese movies or Hello Kitty are popular here, I found out that many Malaysians are also crazy about the Japanese convenience goods and livingware at Daiso Stores. Those who are staying in Klang Valley mesti penah pegi kan?

Daiso Store Bukit Bintang Plaza

Daiso is Japan's No 1 ranking livingware suppliers which sell all kinds of daily necessities and convenience goods at one price - that is RM5. The truth is..I myself love to go there too. I think Japanese stuffs are always so cute and unique which you cannot find elsewhere. Everytime I go down to KL, I would surely stop at Daiso Store. Besides in KL, Daiso can also be found in Malacca and Sabah. Actually, satu dunia pun ada Daiso Stores ni.

As I am a Bento (lunch box) enthusiast, I would love to just check on the Bento accessories at Daiso stores.

Bento accesories

A Bento box for my daughter. My daughter likes to make the heart shaped or star-shaped ala-bento sandwiches ...tapi bukan slalu buat camni tau. Membazir!

Stationaries for myself and my children. I just love to buy stationaries and stuffed them in my pencil box .

Nevertheless, be really careful when picking up your items to throw into your basket as each RM5 item does add up very quickly. Some items are cheaper if you buy them somewhere else.

Besides Daiso Store, here in the East Coast, Japanese recond bicycles are very popular as well. In Kelantan, Japanese bicycles became very popular about 2 years ago while in Terengganu baru je nak mula popular. Just last month, a Japanese bicycle shop was opened near my house.

Japanese bicycles are popular because of their good qualities. They are long lasting and are of various models and designs.

..and I am a proud owner of 3 Japanese bicycles which I bought in Kelantan 2 years ago. Haha..basikal je pun kecoh..

Sarah and her Japanese bicycle. Everywhere she goes, she would bring her teddy bear in the basket.

Well, have a wonderful weekend and a wonderful week ahead.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Cherry Blossom !

Now at this time of the year, it's the peak of cherry blossom season in Japan. Well, I think it is the best time to visit Japan or Korea if you would like to view the cherry blossoms. Coincidently, the flowering plants called Tabebuia Rosea which are often regarded as Cherry Blossoms of Malaysia are also in full blooms here in Terengganu and all over Malaysia . These plants which are also known as 'pokok kertas tisu' are mostly planted along the roadsides in our country. .

Pokok ni is infront of a sundry shop near my house. The flowering plant is called Pink Tabebuia or Pink Trumpet.They require a distinct dry season in order to burst into bloom, hence the stretch of hot, dry weather in our country in mid February induced the trees to flower profusely.

The flowers are very soft and thin just like tissue papers. That's why it's called bunga kertas tisu

Besides pink flowers there are also the white flowers. The white variety is called Tabebuia Alba. After a few days of blooming, the flowers started to fall

Everyday I would pass by this road on the way to school. Last week ,the Tabebuia Rosea along the street were in full bloom.

Below are photos of the plants in Penang! Macam Cherry Blossom kat Jepun kan!

At a street in Penang

Photo credit to :

I think these beautiful flowering plants should be planted everywhere cause its really nice to see those flowers in full bloom. Cantik sangat!
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