Friday, November 27, 2009

Batu Burok Beach

It's good to see the sun again..

Batu Burok beach is the nearest beach to my house...After days of non-stop rains and heavy downpour, we have 3 beautiful bright sunny days here in Terengganu and the situation at Batu Burok beach is back to normal again..Floods have also subsided in most areas in Terengganu.
It is really good to see the sun and the blue sky again and to feel the sunlight... Makes me appreciate this beautiful and bright sunny day..

The bright sunny days enabled kite flying, a popular activity at Batu Burok beach..

The sea is as calm as it was before...

Nevertheless, the second wave of floods is expected to persist while the third wave of floods is expected to hit East Coast in the middle of December .

Below are photos of Batu Buruk Beach during the second wave of floods

Debris washed up the shore...

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