Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Amazing Photos By Dome

I just love to browse for wonderful photos wherever I can find them in the Internet. I see photography as an art and to me a picture is worth a thousand words. Pictures tell stories just as well as large amount of descriptive texts...Hence, I think photography is also the best way to capture the world and seize a moment for us to treasure forever!

Just recently, I was introduced to a very talented photographer from Terengganu. His websites DIGITALDOME and Infrared Park@ Digital Dome have collections of amazing photos and have now become my favourite sites.

An infrared photo depicting a fisherman in Terengganu

Infrared Digital Dome has collections of amazing infrared photos. I love infrared photos because they are colourful, mysterious and 'otherworldly'.

Another infrared photo by Dome

As I am such a 'nature' person, I find his nature photos and the reflections of the countrysides that he portrays as the most appealing, touching and inspiring. He also explores and experiments with all the natural elements in his environments. His photos also depict the colorful lifes of Malaysians particularly in his hometown Terengganu.

One of my favourite photos - the children are so cute!

Visit Dome's websites and you'll be amazed with lots of wonderful photos..


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