Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Dainty Cupcakes

If you ask me where is my favourite shopping place..my answer would be Bukit Bintang area especially 'The River Of Money Plaza'....or known as Sungei Wang Plaza. It might get a little bit crowded during the weekend but it's not really a problem to me. Many tourists love Sungei Wang Plaza too because you can get just everything you want there. I think, if you go to Sungei Wang, you should bring a lot of WANG.... cause there are so many things to see and buy...

Actually, I wanna talk about this cute little cupcakes cart at the newly renovated Parkson Store on the ground floor of Sungei Wang Plaza. I love the new look of the Parkson Store especially the ground floor where they have many booths selling cute and beautiful stuffs including this Dainty Cupcakes cart. As cupcakes enthusiast, I just can't resist cupcakes..

Dainty Cupcakes At Sungei Wang Plaza

The cupcakes menu . Everyday they have special cupcake of the day..

Bought some cupcakes that day...sedap sangat especially the cheese cake

There are many cake decorations for you to choose..so you can decorate the cupcakes you purchased..The box is cute too...By the way, Dainty Cupcakes has a website and here's the LINK.


  1. :):)
    Memang Cute cupcakes tuu ekkk!!:):):)

  2. dh lama jugak tk pegi Sg Wang plaza. last pegi awal tahun lepas. sbb akak Ipoh mali


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