Thursday, December 10, 2009

Holiday In Bandung Part 2

On my second day in Bandung, I got to meet Dita , a blogger friend from Bandung. My husband and I went to Dita's office in Astana Anyar, South Bandung to pick her up. I was really excited to meet her.. Dita invited us to her house but it was already dark so I had to turn her invitation down. Sorry Dita ! Maybe next time, ok! Then, the driver brought us to a restaurant nearby to have BATAGOR (fried fishball tofu), one of Bandung's favourite food. The driver told us that the restaurant serves the best batagor in the area.

We had Batagor and Teh Botol drink. Batagor is Indonesian fried fishball tofu dumpling. It is made of snapper fillet mixed with tofu and tapioca flour..and served with a bowl of spicy sauce with a sprinkle of lime juice. The sauce is quite hot to me but tastes so good..

While having the Batagor with Dita...

The Batagor are packed in those boxes

Me and Dita a blogger friend from Bandung.
Till we meet again..Dita...


  1. It's really nice if we can meet our blogger friends! So far, I've met a few of my blogger friends!

  2. Yes, Myza...dah alang2 tersampai kat sana so why not..Ko pun blogger friend aku kan?. Bila nak dtg Terengganu..kita bole jumpa!!!

  3. seronok ye..dapat jumpa blogger friend in person yg selama ni hanya kenal thru alam siber je..setakat ni akak tak sempat lagi nak jumpa sape2, hanya pernah calling calling je...

  4. Nanti kalau xana dtg tganu..kita boleh jumpa..Saya belanja makan restoran yg ad chinese muslim food tu..

  5. I've always wanted to go to Bandung but never have the chance to do so ;P

    Many people said that it's like a shopping-haven coz it's cheap !!! My sister is going to go there next year for the 5th time (I think)...crazy coz she's a shopaholic...Ha!Ha!Ha!

  6. I've been there 5 times juga. Selalu plan nak pegi tempat lain but ended up pegi sana gak. Dekat sgt. Love the people, the food and shopping of course..BTW, I am shopaholic too..

  7. hehehehe.. baru jek pegi awal june ngan kengkawan uitm dungun.. ealy august before posa nk g lagi ngan famili plak.. very addicted la bandung... hehhehe but cant lawan u.. 5 times already??!!! Wahhhh!!!


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