Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Shopping For Batik

Ever since I moved to Terengganu where Batik is very popular, I have started to admire authentic hand painted Batik. I like to visit Batik shops around Kuala Terengganu to see the latest designs and especially love contemporary Batik with abstract motif. I am always impressed by the many beautiful designs and the creative ideas of Batik designers. There are many Batik shops in Terengganu but my favourite Batik house is 'Nor Atikah Songket' where I got most of my Batik fabric for Baju Kurung.

Kelantan also has a lot of Batik manufacturers. As Kelantan is near, I do buy Batik in Kelantan as well. Just recently, my mother in law brought me to a Batik House which belongs to a family's friend in Pengkalan Chepa, Kelantan. It's a two-storey shop and there are lots and lots of choices of Batik. As we know the owner, we got everything for cheaper prices-it's really worth it! If you go to Kelantan, you can find this Batik House in Pengkalan Chepa. They'll give you very good prices if you buy in bulk..If you are interested in selling Batik, it is just the right place for you to look for your materials because the price is really really reasonable.

Malaysian batik often displays plants and flower motifs

It's very hard to choose when you have sooo many choices.....

Ready made baju kurung, blouses and men's shirts on the first floor

My kinda design -abstract motif


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